10 Reasons Why You Should Start an Online Business

When Adam and I were first exploring way to generate some additional income, we looked at a lot of different options:

  1. Adam could pick up a second side job (his job didn’t offer overtime).
  2. I could get a Job Outside the Home (I still have my Speech Therapy license)
  3. Start a traditional small business (making and shipping a product – I tried to sew a few dresses to sell).
  4. Start an internet based business.

I ended up pursuing Option 4, the internet based business, and I’m SO glad that I did! It’s made all the difference for myself and my family.


Watch How I became a “Work at Home” mom:


So here are, in no particular order, are my top 10 reasons why YOU should start an Online Business!


Set Your Own Schedule

Having control of when you work and how much you work is a POWERFUL thing! I had 2 young daughters at home and really needed some flexibility on when I was working. Frankly a LOT of what I did at first was during nap time and in the evenings when Adam got home.


Scalable for Growth

Online businesses allow you to be able to quickly scale from a few hundred dollars in sales to thousands of dollars in sales without slow down. In my case, the company I was working with was able to supply all the goods I could sell, no waiting and no worries! I didn’t have to worry about shipping, I just connected customers to products that they wanted and my company shipped everything directly to the customer’s house.


Work from Anywhere

This has become even more important as our business grew and we were able to move closer to family. With a true internet based business you can live almost anywhere, and specifically anywhere you want to be on a given day! There were so many times when I was able to help a customer when I was on the play ground or at the children’s museum with my girls. With an online business, this is an option!


Low Startup Costs

Consider the typical costs for starting a brick and mortar small business, thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for rent, deposits, furnishings, and more! If you start an internet based business, you will very little (if any) money up front. I do so much from my smart phone (which these days, almost everyone has in their reach).


Low Monthly Overhead

In that same vein, internet based businesses have lower monthly overhead costs. In my case it was some small website fees for hosting, payment processing, etc, as well as some product for samples and personal use.


Your Business is open 24 Hours

You may need to sleep, but your business doesn’t! My online business is ALWAYS open and ready to supply  my customers with that they need. There’s nothing like waking up and realizing that your business made you money while you were sleeping!


Focus on Your Strengths, Not Your Weaknesses

All of us have particular strengths in business and areas of potential improvement. For me, doing an internet based business allowed me to focus on what I did well, and to allow other people (or services) to focus on what I’m not as good at. It’s better to take a strength and lean into it.

I am an introvert, and that may be viewed as a weakness. However, I have found that me being an introvert was actually a strength because it allowed me to be creative in connecting and reaching my ideal customers.


Follow Your Passions

Starting a business online gave me the ability to gear the business around my personal passions (Health, Wellness, and Financial Freedom), as well as giving me the long term ability to pivot my business on my life as it changes! I love that I can help families all over the world now reach their goals too.


Unlimited Earning Potential

This was a huge one. In a typical type job, your earnings are tied directly to the number of hours you work, not necessarily how much work gets done. I needed to be in something where I could do the work, generate income, and if I could do it in less time the more the better! Knowing I was in a business that offered unlimited earning potential made it the PERFECT fit for me!


P.S. If you are interested in starting your own online business, I would love to talk. We mentor families all over the world and help them reach their goals. Send us a message and I’ll reach out:

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