The Myth of the Overnight Success

Time after time… every success story has it’s valleys.

But it is interesting that when we start our business… we start comparing our beginning to everyone else’s middle or end.

Even when we have someone start a business, and happen to become a top income earner in just a few months – they still have a beginning that we didn’t see.

Watch my video where I share more about the Myth of the Overnight Success:

I hope that this encourages you to write your own success story : ) read more

How to Plunk for Curly Hair

I get asked a lot about my curls… Believe it or not my hair used to be curlier before I became a mom (dang those pregnancy hormones!)

But, I still want to show off the natural curls and waves I still have. Over the past few years, I have learned a few tips for having the best frizz free curls!

One of my best tips is to Plunk (or Plop) Your Hair. Watch How you can start doing this today too for  better curls: 

Tips for Beautiful Curls

Let your hair dry naturally (use the Plunking Technique to keep the curls tight while drying) read more

Success Tip: Overcoming Your First Funk in Business

It is so interesting to be a part of coaching people towards building their successful online businesses… but one thing every success story has in common is getting over your first funk.

Watch my video below to find my helpful tips to overcoming your first funk and be on your way to your next success:

Have you tried to start a business before? Maybe you are currently going through your first funk! If this video helped you in any way, I would love to know – or maybe just pass it on to someone you know could benefit from a little encouragement. read more

Success Tip: How to become more Consistent and Reach your Goals!

We do a lot of business coaching in our private groups, but one success tip that I think can impact any area of your life is consistency!

Watch my video to learn how 1% changes over time can make a big impact in your life:

Do you struggle with being consistent?

Here are some tips to help you set up a system to become consistent to help you reach your goals:

Put it in your calendar

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail – If you plan to do something, just create a line in your planner for it.

Drink a glass of water every hour? Set up an alarm! read more

Healthy Chocolate: Chocolate Greens

Chocolate that is GOOD for you!

Introducing Chocolate Greens

As much as I try to eat all the fruits and vegetables I need…

I know I’m not getting everything or all the different kinds of foods each day.

Plus as a mom, I’m constantly worried if my kids are getting enough of the GOOD foods in them!

What if there was a way to get EVERYTHING you need each day AND what if it tasted like CHOCOLATE!?! 

What are Chocolate Greens? 

Chocolate Greens are a super-food powder that is full of 54 different supperfoods and 34 different fruits and vegetables… and It tastes like a chocolate drink! read more

6 Steps to Healthy, Younger Looking Skin

I didn’t really take care of my skin…

I honestly didn’t know where to start!

When I turned 30, all of the sudden I realized that I was getting old 😛 and I knew I had to start a simple routine to take care of my skin.

I started using this skincare because I really liked how it used botanicals and herbs as its foundation – Plus, it wasn’t drying my skin out!

The first thing I noticed was how SMOOTH my skin started to feel! I had forgotten what healthy skin felt like! The next thing I saw, was that my wrinkles were less noticeable (especially when using Lip and Eye Cream and WOW) read more

How to Use the It Works Wrap and get the BEST Results on your Belly

How to Use It Works Body Wrap

Three years ago, I tried my first It Works Body Wrap… now I have to tell you… It wasn’t what I expected!

You know those wraps in the 80’s and 90’s where you had to go to a spa… wrap your entire body in a cloth and sweat at much as you could in an hour…. Any results you got were just water weight.. right?

This is not your mama’s body wrap!

How is the It Works Body Wrap different?

You don’t sweat… at all!

That’s right… no sweating involved at all.

Actually, you want to avoid sweating all together so the cream is absorbed into your skin! read more

It Works Shake

I never really thought I could enjoy drinking shakes… maybe it was just the shakes and smoothies I had tried weren’t very tasty.

Now, I start every morning with this delicious chocolate shake!

Besides tasting like a dessert (Give me all the chocolate!), it keeps me full until lunch and it gives my body protein and nutrients I need to reach my goals.

Click here for my favorite morning smoothie recipe

For me, I always have to check out the carbs and this shake is sweetened with stevia! That keeps it low carb and a great addition to any diet. Plus, it is allergen free (dairy free, soy free, non-gmo and vegan!) read more

DIY Essential Oil Playdough

Summer is here… Kids are home… Time for lots of fun ideas for PLAY!

As much as I love my kids playing outside, some of these summer days are just too hot – so inside fun ideas are a great thing to have in your back pocket (or great for rainy days too!)

I love this simple DIY Play Dough recipe, because it is fun to make, easy enough for the kids to help, and uses really common ingredients you should have on hand. I didn’t have regular flour, so I even used some Rye flour I had in my pantry. You can add your favorite essential oils and food coloring to make it fun for everyone! read more

Top FOUR Items You MUST Pack on Your Summer Vacation

I can’t believe it is already July! We are planning a road trip at the end of this month to the beach and then to a cabin in the mountains… with packing always comes packing list (or maybe that’s just me!)

I’m going to share my MUST HAVE list for your summer vacation to help you stay healthy all summer long and have the best vacation ever : )


I don’t know about you, but there is something about travelling that brings out the STRESS…

The kids fighting in the back of the van… or the crazy drivers… or long lines in the airport. read more