Pictures of our Medicine cabinet

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The Black Elderberry syrup is for curing a cough. We also use honey for that and I have some herbal drop and throat coat for kids tea. The Hyland's homepathics are Pulsatilla for colds with runny nose, menstrual cramping lots of things. The Nux vomica is for indigestion, diarrhea or other stomach issues. Arnica is for bumps and bruises. The Ear drops are for ear infections.

These are various homeopathics. I use the book "Natural Baby and Childcare" by Feder to help me know what to give. There is also a short description on the bottles themselves for when they work best. To the left is a tube of arnica rub for sore muscles.

Here are the oils eucalyptus and peppermint. We use these for clearing stuffy noses and helping with breathing issues just by breathing them in through a humidifier. You can also add them to bath water.

These are my go to things when someone in the family starts feeling sick. I load up on garlic and echinacea. Usually vitamin C as well. I try to eat extra fruits and vegetables.

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