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I just watched the documentary “Hungry for Change.”

You can view it here.

I thought it was a great demonstration of trying to explain the situation we are in and a solution to the problem.

Basically their charge is to eat real food.

Some quotes from the documentary I found interesting:

‘As Mammals we are programmed to put on fat when there is plenty of food available.’ If you go to a supermarket, you know we are in a time when “food” is plenty. There are vending machines full of “food” and fast food at almost every corner.

We are “overfed, but starving to death” We may be getting more than the basic calories we need, but we are lacking nutrients.

“It’s not what you are eating, it’s also what’s eating you” The “food” we are eating is honestly bad for us… Most of it is concocted in a laboratory.

As humans, “we seek out fats and sugar” Our bodies were created to look for sources of food with good fats and complex sugar – it is what we were designed to eat. But we are craving fats and sugar and reaching for the worst possible sources available.

“As long as your are starving on a nutritional basis, your body is going to stay hungry” – no matter how many calories you are consuming!

“We are not eating food we are eating food-like substances.” Things that have an expiration date longer than you should not be eaten…

“The objective (of food manufacturers) is not to give you a nutritious product. The objective is to give you a product that will make you buy it, will last long on the shelves…”

Research studies show that use of artificial sweetener is actually linked to weight gain.

If you are still drinking diet cokes, you need to watch this video – If you are still buying “sugar free” items or “fat-free” items thinking they are healthy – you should watch this video. More on aspartame here here and here

Fat is actually good for you – The right kinds of fat. If you are on a low-fat diet, you are constantly hungry because your body needs fat to function. It will crave fat – but there are different types of fat.

The worst fats for you are the partially hydrogenated fats. Almost all crackers, cookies, margarine spread contain them. Good fat sources: avocados, seeds, nuts, butter, fish, coconut oil.

MSG (mono-sodium glutamate) is in 80% of modern (processed) foods. MSG is linked to obesity. Mono-sodium Glutamate comes under several different terms. More on MSG here and here.

“High-fructose corn syrup is a pharmaceutical sugar.” It “create(s) imbalances in the body” – Look in your pantry and see what you have that contains this – I find red kidney beans to be the most shocking.

We are addicted to sugar as a culture. If you are working to reduce your sugar you also need to reduce rice, bread, corn, pancakes, muffins… these are turned into sugar rapidly after you eat it.

A positive paradigm shift needs to happen inside of us. From thinking

“I want that but I can’t have it” – to

“I can have that but I don’t want it.”

Add in the good foods, so that it crowds out the bad stuff. If you make a conscious effort to add in more nutritious food each day, you won’t miss the “food” you were eating.

Diets don’t work. You are not called to be on a diet, You are called to an awakening -to finally take charge of what are you feeding your body. Eat Real Food.

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