Sewing experiment – Non-pattern Halter Dress

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This dress was a sewing experiment for sure!

I made this dress last night. I had a halter top shirt of Aidalyn’s that I like the idea of for a dress… but I was too cheap to buy a pattern. So I used my minimal sewing expertise and drafted a pattern from the shirt I already had. I measured Aidalyn so I knew what diameter I would need the dress to fit. I used my serger and regular sewing machine.

It honestly isn’t perfect, but for me just messing around on my sewing machine without a pattern, I think it turned out pretty good.

Aidalyn wasn’t in the mood for poses last night, so this is the view of the back. She is wearing just a simple onesie underneath it for colder nights.

What are your sewing experiments?

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  1. Cute! I tried sewing once. I sewed our curtains. I found it to be too tedious for my liking. I wish that wasn’t the case. Good for you!

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