The “Foods I will never ever touch” list….

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I really liked this post by Alli about her “foods she will never touch”.

I find that there are certain foods that everyone has put on their “do not touch” list. I agree with most of these – and I understand where she is coming from on all of them.

I have a weakness for sushi though! Sushi falls into my 20% leeway – I do stick to Salmon and Tuna – and stay away from crustaceans (crabs and shrimp) because they act like filters in the water and have a lot of impurities in their flesh (definitely not Kosher). We get sushi for special occasions for sure.

With the dried fruit – I do put just a little no sugar added organic raisins in my raw nut trail mix. We never drink anything but water or coffee in our house, so juice isn’t an issue for us. I’ve mentioned my feelings on soy before in my post “Soy – friend or foe.” A substitute mentioned in the Maker’s Diet is Tamari (which is fermented to help reduce the anti-nutrients) and is wheat free.

Pizza is a favorite – we tend to stick to our cauliflower crust pizza to satisfy our pizza flavor cravings. We have stayed away from breads and wheat pretty well for the most part. Thankfully, we made the switch to real butter and coconut oil when we read the Maker’s diet 6 years ago. Also, at that time we eliminated high fructose corn syrup.

We don’t drink milk and cereals have never been something we ate for breakfast – I know a lot of moms reach for cheerios to give to their babies and we have been successful in keeping Aidalyn away from those. We made the switch to almond butter when I was pregnant, so we don’t rely on peanut butter as much. We do still eat beans occasionally in soups and as a side dish – but we soak them for a very long time to help reduce the phytates and lectins. We have greatly reduced our intake of beans and legumes.

I’m going to add milk to my personal list. I really do avoid commercial milk proactively. I don’t want puss from cows in anything I drink besides the growth hormones and antibiotics – much less a food that the majority of people (75%) are sensitive to. Dairy is a mucous forming food as well, so it is best to avoid if you are suffering from any other allergy (You can read more about my post about Milk). We will buy organic whole yogurt occasionally and add berries ourselves. And I’ll add sugar substitutes to the list as well. We avoid all chemically created sugar substitutes and stick to stevia, naturally sweet fruits, and honey.

What are the foods that you avoid?

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