What about eating out?

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Eating out is so much more common today than even 25 years ago. It used to be a special occasion. Now, it is more normal to eat out than eat at home.

Adam and I have fluctuated from eating out maybe once a month, to eating out more than 3 times a week! Now, it is more like once a week (but that is just because I’m lazy some days).

In a perfect world, I would cook all my meals. But, I am not striving to be perfect, I am striving to be healthy –

For me, sometimes it is good to just pick the best option – and eat out as little as you can, because when you eat out you have little control about what preservatives are added to enhance the flavor.

When eating out here are my steps:

Think about what you want your plate to look like – lots of vegetables and some meat.

Steak houses are usually the easiest. I usually pick chicken or fish – Adam would pick steak probably. Then go for a salad as a main course or as a side dish (dressing I usually choose: in house made vinaigrette or full fat version – which probably isn’t what I would choose at home (We like Annie’s), but it is better than the fat free option). Then I usually pick another vegetable side or two. So My plate has lots of vegetables and a protein.

Mongolian grills are my next go to place. I like them over buffets because you can usually avoid MSG that way. I load up my plate with vegetables and some meat then choose garlic sauce (because I know at least that is pretty healthy).

We love Vietnamese. We usually get Pho which is just chicken or beef rice noodle soup. It is so cleansing and tasty. Bone broths have so many nutrients in them.

There is a new local place in Lake Charles called Cafe Bonte. It specializes in local produce and whole food nutrition. Also Street Breads – minus the bread ; ) They have good salads there. I also love salads at Roly Poly.

Obviously eating at home would be the healthiest option where you know exactly where everything came from and it’s ingredients. I know we live in a busy world where eating at home sometimes isn’t an option. If you can eat food in its most natural state, you will be better off.

If there is a certain meal that you just crave, see if you can create it at home – I usually start by trying to see how I can create those flavors in a healthy way – so I love pasta sauces – I made zucchini ribbons for my “pasta” and then made a spaghetti sauce from scratch (well I did use canned tomatoes that I need to get away from) and ground turkey.

Take baby steps each week – and you’ll look back in a year and be shocked how you used to eat!

What are some of your tips for eating out and trying to eat a whole food diet? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear what you think.

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