My Newest Cleaning Tip: Baskets

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A part of me is laughing because I am not the one you want to take cleaning tips from! But saying that – I love to have a very neat house. I don’t like clutter at all!

So here is my tip for the day: Baskets!

Having a one year old just makes the house cluttered with her stuff all the time. I have a basket in the living room and one the office to contain her toys. It’s easy because I can just throw everything in the baskets and she loves pulling them out when it is play time!

Basket flein

For the living room, I have more of a wicker basket. For the office, it is just a plastic one I bought at the dollar store. For my closets, I have the colored fabric (quite popular these days) bins.

Today I grabbed one of my laundry baskets and just walked from one end of the house to the other putting items in the basket that didn’t belong in that room. I had a pair of shoes, a lonely sock, a hair bow, a jacket, and a few toys. As I walked from room to room, if I already had some thing in the basket that belonged in that room – I put them up. It took a very short amount of time and Aidalyn just followed along after me. By the end of this activity, my house looked SO much tidier.

How to you contain the clutter???


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  1. My normal OCD tendency towards a clean and tidy home has had to become relaxed since our sweet angel came. He has two rooms designated for toys and his room only has books. I recently went through everything he has and sorted out what he doesn’t or has never played with, which turned out to be quite a bit. I have baskets, trunks and drawers for containment. At the end of the day when I’m picking up I look at the display of toys and instead of thinking clutter I think of how much fun he had that day. One day soon he will learn where things go and help mama clean up 😉

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