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Adam and I have always had a heart for adoption.

Adam’s aunt and uncle adopted their only son, Henry. My brother in law‘s family adopted two little girls, Selena and Stephanie, almost 10 years ago. Adopting for us isn’t a new idea, we’ve been talking about it for years.

We believe as Christians, the act of adoption is one very close to what God did with us. God loved us enough to welcome us into his family and call us his. We would love to be able to welcome a child into our home and make them a part of us, share our name with them.

Adam’s aunt was able to have a private adoption. Her pastor heard about a baby that was conceived to two students not ready to start a family. He knew that Auntie always wanted children of her own. Within a few weeks, Henry was brought home and was named a Wiygul. He is so perfect for their family – you would never know he was adopted!

I dream for when it is my turn. We started looking at adopting with some different agencies last summer. After getting bogged down with all the paperwork and fee schedules, we decided to postpone the process. In my dreams, we will just find a baby who needs a home and be able to open up our home for them. I pray it will be match that only God can make (just like Henry’s match).

What are your thoughts on adoption?

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  1. I was sooooo very blessed that my maternal mother was selfless and willing to endure the pregnancy so.that I may live. I Looove her for giving me the gift of life and giving me a chance to have a wonderful future. I was BLESSED through a private adoption to have been giving the most amazing daddy and my grandparents on his side of the family were soo incredible and loving too.
    Adoption does.have its other side too though… My one suggestion to anyone who adopts is DON’T HIDE THAT FACT FROM THE CHILD ….You should talk to them age appropriately so that they feel special and not that their mother didn’t want or care ……hiding it makes it look as if u.r trying to hide them from a.bad thing ….. Been there and its not a fun feeling. Also if possible or she desires keep track of.the mother so that when the child gets old enough and mature enough to handle things or has questions they can talk ….. Doesn’t have to mean that she becomes part of the family but when u r adopted its natural to.have questions ….medical.history , heritage and things like that. YOU CAN GIVE ALL THE LOOOVE AND U R THE MOM AND DAD …BUT UR HERITAGE IS NOT TRULY THEIRS SO ALLOW THEM TO LEARN ABOUT WHERE THEY CAME DEOM

  2. adoption is a truly beautiful thing! I thank God everyday for my parents who adopted my sister and me & for Robin and Sygney (my sister’s birthmother), the strong women who were so selfless in making such a hard decision of putting me and my sister up for adoption!

  3. What a marvelous goal to have prayerfully considered! I have so many friends who have adopted through the years, both here in the United States and internationally. It is a special calling, I believe, because of the rigors of the process! Not everyone has the tenacity to stay with it. I, too, believe it is possible for a baby needing a family to come right to you. I’m so glad you shared this dream. Debra

  4. We also share a heart for adoption. We’re still in the home-study phase but someday hope to expand our family as well. 😉

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