Happy 30th birthday Adam!!!

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Today is my husband’s 30th Birthday!

We have a family who likes to share! It is also my sister’s birthday!

Adam and Aleecia share a birthday (July 7th). My brother, Neill, and my niece, Jayden, share a birthday (August 17th). My grandmother and my father in law share a birthday (August 15th) –

Apparently 365 days wasn’t enough to choose from!

This year we are having a big family potluck and maybe some fireworks. It should be lots of fun.

What is your favorite birthday memory?

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  1. My daughter’s birthday is Christmas Eve…We were counseled by a friend with the same birth date to always celebrate on the 24th, not make any substitutions. So we have always had a big birthday party on the 24th, no matter the inconvenience! Birthdays are special…always celebrate! Happy Birthday to your husband! Debra

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