The Grassfed Mama is Moving!!!

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I know I haven’t been as active writing the past few weeks, and now I finally and able to tell you why. We are moving to Richmond, Virginia!

We didn’t start out looking to move to

View of Downtown Richmond over the falls of th...

View of Downtown Richmond over the falls of the James, taken from the Manchester Floodwall. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Virginia, but after doing some research about the area, we fell in love!

Virginia is for lovers!

Richmond is neat because it is centrally located to several different popular areas to visit: 1.5 hours to Washington, DC, 2 hours to Virginia beach, 2 hours to the mountains. It was the capital of the Confederacy – so still the south. It snows there every year, and has 4 seasons – something I am looking forward too.

I fell in love with all the farmer’s markets available and the “natural’ culture there. There is a Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Fresh Market – plus some local health foods stores in the area. I found grassfed beef at the fast food chain Arby’s! and they have several Chipotles which are known for it’s quality of food.

Natural health seems to be more valued in Richmond in general. Midwifes are more commonly used there and I found a few homebirth midwives in the area we are looking to live. This is very important to me as I hope to have the opportunity to have another baby in the future. I will miss my midwife for sure, though!

There are lots of activities for families too: Parks, Children’s museums, zoo, “pick your own” farms.

We are very excited about this opportunity. It was a tough decision to make – not so much leaving Lake Charles, but leaving our friends who have become our family. Thank you all for being our friends and family since we moved to south Louisiana 8 years ago – we will miss you all!

English: Early 20th-century postcard of the 14...

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  1. Angela,

    I think it’s no coincidence that I found your blog today while looking for grass fed bones in Richmond! I want to officially welcome you to VA and invite you to Center Point Church. (It looks to be very similar to the portable church days of Water’s Edge.) I’m sure there’s a place for Adam too (Happy B-Day BTW)!

    Thanks and have a great and blessed day!
    Mark Hamel
    Worship Arts Pastor
    Center Point Church

    p.s. I’m from Florida and there are less mosquitoes and hurricanes in Richmond than I grew up with

    • We are very exited about the opportunities in Richmond! I’ll be sure to check out your website for sure. We should be in the area by August. Now, the search for a house begins! Where do you buy most of your natural foods?

      • Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. There are a bunch of good farmer’s markets but I can’t make it to them during the week and Saturday mornings I spend on a road bike.

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