God is with us Everywhere

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We went to church Sunday to our new church Journey Christian Church.

I was so impressed with the toddler and babies’ church. The church is a strategic partner with Andy Stanley’s church, North Point, and uses the same branding for their nursery and kid’s ministries.

After we checked into Waumba Land, we were given a sheet with all the lesson information that Aidalyn would learn that day. They told us she would have worship time, story time, craft time, and a snack.

Balloon love

Balloon love (Photo credit: Cockburn Libraries)

The idea is that the parents and church are partners when training up a child. Just like when you dedicate a child in a church, you are partnering with that church in helping to scaffold your child’s world view point and where they fit into God’s plan. I am very excited about Aidalyn being a part of this ministry from the beginning.

This past Sunday’s lesson was that God is with you everywhere you go.

So we have been telling Aidalyn that God is like Charlie (her frog). He goes everywhere she goes. God never leaves us.

I started thinking about that truth. God is with us everywhere…

He is with us in Louisiana. He is with us in Virginia. He is with us when we want to be alone. He is with us when we are alone!

Even though we have moved very far away from everything we know to be comfortable and safe – God is with us and he is our constant.

You are never too old to hear a simple truth and let it speak to what you are going through right now.

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