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So, we are having some hiccups with the sale of our house in Lake Charles that are making me frustrated with the whole process….

However, there are several things to be thankful for.

We have a buyer. The house was on the market for less than a week before it went under contract. We are not upside-down on our house. We have found a new house in Virginia at a great price!

Trying to focus on the positive, I went shopping. It wasn’t totally unnecessary.

My diaper bag has ripped in two places – just from general wear and tear.  I’m giving my old bag to Aidalyn for pretend play and I’m getting a new super-dooper bag (very technical terms here).

I started by looking online at new bags. I found a few that I was interested in but I wanted to see them for myself (and thank goodness I did!)

I went to Babies R Us here in Midlothianwhich is amazing by the way! They had a ton of bags to choose from… but none of them were screaming my name. The colors weren’t right, the price was too high,  the features weren’t anything I needed, they were too small. So I reluctantly left – empty handed.

As I was leaving, I spotted Ross dress for less. I remembered that they had bags for sale there. I’m so glad I looked there!

Introducing my new diaper bag!

Do you like it? Besides being so cute, it has 3 huge compartments. One is just for diaper changes, one is just for my personal items (wallet, phone, etc.), one is for going out to eat. There is a place for a sippy cup on one side and another pocket with a zipper on the other side. Plus it has an extra big zipper pocket on the outside…

This bag has a secret…

It isn’t a diaper bag at all! It’s a computer bag!!!

You can see where my diaper change section is (the middle section) is built to hold a computer. This obviously wasn’t built to be a diaper bag, but for me it is going to be perfect!

And bottom line, this bag was less expensive than the “diaper” bags at Babies R Us or online. This was $35 and the other bags with the same quality were starting around $50.

You can tell they are so impressed with me they can’t contain themselves.

What are some of your best buys of buying something made for one use, but you are using it as something better for yourself?

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  1. that is such a clever idea. I tend to stick with backpacks for our diapers just because with mulitiple children it makes it easier to not have something else hanging off my arm.hehe

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