Magnesium Oil Update

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Spray bottle in the city

I’ve been using my home made magnesium oil for a little over a week now. I have already been sleeping better. I’ve been able to go to sleep and then stay asleep until a decent hour. Overall I am pretty happy with the results. I just spray it on my torso 3-4x a day and rub it in as best I can.

Magnesium is also supposed to help with all sorts of ailments like migraines, blood sugar regulation, anxiety… the list goes on. It is also an easy mineral to be deficient in a not realize it.

It may be worth giving a try!

Do any of you have any experiences with supplementing with Magnesium?

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    • I was reading that Magnesium is easier to absorb through the skin, so who knows. I think I may try one soak in the tub with the magnesium flakes and see if I see any differences.

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