First Sewing Project for Annaleigh – Easy Burp Cloth

Since the obvious first thing to do when you find out you are having a girl is to go shopping or make something… I decided to try the latter. I am by no means great at sewing. I do have a serger that makes a lot of projects easier.

English: A Brother overlock serger machine.

I am very timid when it comes to starting a project by myself with no previous instructions (maybe fear of failure???). I saw on Pinterest some very easy burp cloth tutorials that I figured I could probably try with little disappointment.

I had some flannel material I bought on sale probably a year ago with no idea what to do with it. I have plenty of blankets left over from Aidalyn, so Annaleigh is probably okay in that department – she will also be a summer baby and won’t need as heavy blankets as Aidalyn. So a burp cloth it was!

Here is what I did with my appliqued flannel burp cloth:

I cut two rectangles of flannel. I sewed the right sides together with my serger leaving about a 2-3 inch opening to flip it. Below is me top stitching the burp cloth after I flipped it over.IMG_0130

I cut out an applique that I free handed of a bird body, wing and beak. I just top stitched it onto the burp cloth with a wide and tight stitch.



And here is my finished project! If I would have thought everything through, I would have appliqued first. Then I wouldn’t have applique stitches on the reverse side… oh well. IMG_0138 IMG_0141


And this is the obligatory belly shot for the week! I am somewhere between 16 1/2 and 17 1/2 weeks in the picture. Feeling pretty good this week, which is a great change.

Hope you all are well!! What else are some easy sewing ideas for babies???

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  1. I love the burp pad! I wish I’d thought of this for my new baby niece. I love the appliqué design and the choice of fabric. When I was expecting (a looooooong time ago!), I made what were then called saques. They were basically a long “nightgown” with a drawstring at the bottom so you could open it up from the bottom to change a diaper. They were so easy to make, so soft and warm, and convenient. I don’t know if they still make a pattern for them, but they’re fun to make! You look adorable!

    • I was going to make one using a onesie top by just cutting off the bottom and adding fabric with the drawstring. I saw the idea on Pinterest. We will see if it actually turns out!

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