Refashioned Sweater into a super cute Toddler skirt

I am on a very crafty roll these days! Getting my creative juices going with some dark chocolate usually : P

I decided since I worked out 4 days this week – and I had a toddler wake me up a little earlier than normal – I was going to skip my elliptical session for the day and sew instead. I made the halter dress from the previous post and this super cute toddler skirt.

Here is the sweater I used. I actually really liked this sweater, but it ended up with some very small stains. IMG_0169

First I cut off the arms – I’m going to turn those into leggings for Aidalyn soon.


Then I measured the length of the skirt I wanted from one of Aidalyn’s skirts she wears right now. I added a few inches to the top to have room for the elastic casing.


Here is the elastic I used. I think it is one inch wide.


This is after I have made the elastic casing and pulled through the elastic. I’m about to sew the ends of the elastic together and sew the casing closed.


To cover the stains, I picked out of few pieces of material to applique onto the skirt.

IMG_0178 IMG_0180 IMG_0184I think it turned out really really cute! I’m going to let Aidalyn wear it tomorrow.

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  1. so cute! If you have anymore sweaters, I found a cute tutorial for making a toddler dress from a long sweater. I also have one I plan to do leggings with the arms. Let me know how that goes!

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