Natural Cleaning with Just Water

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cleaning with ecloths

Natural Cleaning with Just Water

Safe Cleaning with E-Cloths 


Let me start off by saying that I hate cleaning.

I love a clean house, I just don’t like cleaning. If I can find a product that simplifies my cleaning routine and is all natural, I’m sold.

I first heard about these cloths that are able to clean with just water from a friend. These cloths contain fibers of silver that are anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.  As you clean with e-cloths, the microfibers collect all the bacteria and germs off the surface . Then, they are able to clean themselves in just a few hours, killing all the bacteria trapped inside. You can use the same cloth for a week without needing to clean it. Less laundry? Again… this product was screaming my name. 

I watched a few you tube videos of moms using these cloths and testing how effective they are with killing bacteria and cleaning. Several videos used a protein swab to show how the ecloth was able to clean raw meat juices from a plate, leaving no trace of proteins behind… with just water!

Click to Watch the You-Tube video here about E-Cloth.  

 This video shows you how good e-cloth is at removing the protein from the surfaces with just water and your e-cloth. 


I’m a mom and I am concerned about my two girls being around harsh chemical cleaners. I was making my own cleaners for a while with vinegar, baking soda, and ammonia. This is so much easier! I even was able to use the cloth on my swiffer that I already had to clean the floors. 

Annaleigh is just about to start crawling (she’s at the roll to get everywhere stage). I am getting more and more aware of what is on my floor. I’m not a huge germaphobe, but I’d rather have her not eat dust bunnies for a snack either. 

I bought several of the e-cloths: the shower cloths, the stainless steel cloths, scrubbing clothes, window polish cloths and the universal stone (all natural really deep cleaning cream). I cleaned my whole downstairs in just a few minutes and let Aidalyn help because there are no chemicals. I think dusting with an e-cloth will be the perfect first chore for her. 


This is what I bought: 

Shower pack, Stainless Steel pack, 4 general purpose cloths, 1 bathroom cloth, 2 window polishing cloths, the universal stone paste, body cloth and more. 

Click here to visit MyEcloth

About E-Cloths

Safe – Chemical Free Cleaning

E-cloths have 480,000 strands per cm squared. This is what allows it to clean so well and be so absorbent. It holds the Good Housekeeping Seal of approval and is recommended by Bosch, Deva, AEG, Electrolux, Miele, De Dietrich, Bristan, Siemens, Baumatic, NEFF, Franke, and Ideal Standard. 

E-cloths are able to remove 99% of bacteria including E-coli and Listeria. Studies show the bacteria stays inside the cloth until it is rinsed. After it is rinsed, the e-cloths reintroduced only 0.01% of bacteria back onto the sterile surface. This shows that only water and e-cloths are needed to clean. 

I used these on my very, very dirty stove. It had burnt on foods and grease spills… It works people! It cleaned it all up with just water and the e-cloth. I used the stainless steel e-cloth and then I finished with a stainless steel polish cloth. 

Saves Money

E-cloths save you money because you no longer need any other products to help you clean. You can also use these in place of paper towels. You only need to wash them about once a week which can also save you money on laundry loads. 

For day to day use, you just rinse the cloth under the faucet with hot water. When you are ready to wash, machine wash with detergent on high heat and a good rinse. Then hang to dry. I cloth diaper, so I wash mine using Charlies Soap. You don’t want to use bleach or fabric softener. If the cloths start losing performance, you can just boil them with water to refresh it. 

Good for the Environment 

No more harsh chemicals, toxins, or fumes being released into the environment. This is great for all houses, but is very important for families with kids. Your babies and kids don’t need be exposed to all the chemicals that are in most cleaning products. When moms clean, the kids are usually not far away. This eliminates the concern about exposing kids to all the bad ingredients in harsh cleaners. It is also safe that they can join on in and help. 

Real Simple Magazine choose E-Cloths for Best Product in 3 Cleaning Categories. 

E-cloth’s scrubber won for best scrubber. Having both a gentle abrasive side for scrubbing and a microfiber side for wiping. It also is curved so it naturally fits in your hand better. 

E-cloth’s microfiber cleaning cloths won for best all around. It was the best at collecting dust, best at cleaning with just water, and best to stand up in the washing machine. They are guaranteed to last up to 300 washes (just remember no bleach, fabric softeners, or dryer sheets).

E-cloth’s mop won for best washable mop. The mop has a large head that can turn in a 360 degree motion. Just use with plain water to clean your floors. You then can toss the microfiber head into the washer when done.  

These were the perfect cleaning solution I was looking for. You can buy your e-cloths here and start cleaning with just water (affiliate link): 

Here is the start of simple and environmentally friendly cleaning! How do you like to clean naturally? 

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