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Smart Money Smart Kids

by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze


Have you ever thought how you are going to teach your kids about money?

Money is one of the most important life lessons you can teach your kids. 

What a dream it would be for your kids to understand the value of a dollar at an early age, never know what it feels like to be in debt, and change your family tree!

Smart Money Smart Kids by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze


I love Dave Ramsey. I can say that because of him we have never been in debt except for our house. We communicate well about money, because we have the same goals and are on a budget.

I would love to be able to have a guide that is easy to understand and implement for them to learn from an early age without having to make the common money mistakes most adults make.

How many families do you know who have been ripped apart because of money issues? It is one of the most common reason for getting divorced in our country. If every one learned at an early age about managing their money, how many marriages would be saved?

If I could teach my kids one thing well, it would be how to understand money. 

I want my girls to understand money. 

I want my girls to respect money and know the value of a dollar.

This is so important when we live in a time full of consumerism and materialistic desires.

I want my girls to be smart with their money. 


How do we teach our kids how to understand about saving, giving, and spending money?

All three are important lessons to learn, and it is our job to teach our kids about them.


This book is full of such practical ideas and tips for teaching your kids about money. 


I also love that it covers all age groups as well. If you have preschoolers, there is even some lessons you can start teaching them.

Like starting your kids on commission and letting them help around the house at an early age.


Don’t wait to teach your kids about money, because it is never to early to start. 

You can Click Here to learn more on how to get your copy of Smart Money Smart Kids.


How do you teach your kids about money?




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