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Some of you may have seen that I have recently joined and started building a team with It Works. I wanted to share with you what my goals are and why I chose It Works Global. 


A) I love the products!

I started using the products last year and just was amazed with the quality of everything. Plus how the products were actually working.

I started using the wraps, because that is what pulled me in when a friend told me about how she saw instant results. I used a wrap myself and saw the same thing!


These wraps were used in Europe spas for years costing $300… and now we can try them for only $25? How cool is that.




I’m pretty cheap and I couldn’t resist the savings as a loyal customer. So I joined the program (it’s free and you get the wholesale prices instantly – it’s a no brainer!). Then I could get 4 wraps for only $59… Yes Please!

So after I wrapped and I used the defining gel… got pretty happy with those results, I decided to look at more products… what else did this company offer? 

I was blown away with what I found. Everything that I read just really impressed me with the quality.


Adam started using it for treating his acidity and he has seen improvements in just weeks of switching over from the supplements from our chiropractor (which cost so so much more than the Greens). Again… I was sold!

I am also a new mom who isn’t guaranteed sleep these days. It is so nice to have a natural product I can use to give me an energy jump – without the caffeine.

All the ingredients are listed and available for you to look over and know what you are using. I’m always looking at ingredient lists to make sure I understand the products.

There is really just something for everyone! 



B) I love the Company and People

How would you love to work for a company built on integrity? Full of strong christian people trying to help others reach their dreams… That would be amazing, right?

That’s exactly what I have found with It Works Global. 

From washing distributor’s feet, to holding bible studies at conferences, to posting scriptures on personal pages – what more could you ask from your company and co-workers?

From our top leaders, all the way through our company, we have families who are passionate about helping people get healthy, helping people get out of debt, and helping people find their freedom. – That’s something that I can feel happy about being a part of and that gets me excited.

It Works just dedicated their new corporate building to God for him to bless the families of It Works and impact more lives in a positive way.

You can also help people try some all natural products and tell them about using natural products to manage different ailments. You can make a difference in people’s lives! 


C) You can run your business debt free


So many of my friends are in debt or in a financial place where they need to make extra money to pay bills – why not work for a company who values being debt free and that has a system in place where you can run your business debt free?

We are huge Dave Ramsey fans at the Parker house. I love being able to share with my friends that you can use It Works to help you get out of debt and reach your saving and giving goals with a company you can love and working with the time you have.


D) Our chance to give back

I used to work full time as a speech therapist in nursing home. Then I became a mom, and wanted to breastfeed on demand and be there for naps – my goals changed. I decided I only would work part time from that point on. I liked my job… but I didn’t love every part of my job.

When I got pregnant with my second daughter, I pretty much decided I wasn’t even going to work part time anymore and we would just make it work.

I looked into some online type therapy jobs, but it just wasn’t going to work out.

Of course I have always had a passion for helping people reach their health and fitness goals – so I started working to build this blog at the end of last year. I really loved being able to hear from my readers and seeing how I was making a difference in their lives. It sparked a fire.

Blogging can make money… but is really wasn’t making money for us. Blogging was just a hobby for me.


Another reason we decided we need something for extra income was that Adam and I are trying to give more to our church in the next 2 years than we have ever given before.

We were praying and praying about a way that we could increase our income and also cut back on expenses to increase our giving by 120%.

We decided we weren’t going to send Aidalyn to private preschool. We were going to cut back on spending. But we really needed a way to generate some income.


I really feel like It Works was an answered prayer. It was the best decision to join and I have been blessed by my team so much as well as being able to increase our giving to our church.

If you would like to help us reach our giving goals, become a Loyal Customer! We would love to help you find supplements or products that would benefit your choice to live an all natural life. You can go to my website here and shop: www.GrassfedMamaWraps.com 

I would love to help you customize your order to help you find the products that can work for you.


Does joining our It Works sound like something you would be interested in? Adam and I would love to talk with you about reaching your health goals, and also reaching your goals for getting out of debt and making some extra income. We would love you to join our team! 

Please send me a message and we can set up a time to talk with you personally. I would just love to talk with you. This “job” has been so rewarding and I know you will love it too!

Within my first 2 months, I was able to reach Diamond level, and help 2 people on my team reach Ruby and 2 more people reach Executive level. This really does work! 

Contact me to get started today. 

2015 Earnings Chart


2015 Income Statement





 Thank you all for supporting us as we reach our health goals, saving goals and giving goals.




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  2. Greens contains Soy Protein Isolate which is usually always GMO… But you are all natural huh? Lol.