How to Cheat on Your Diet without the Guilt

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I don’t know about you, but I like to cheat sometimes (on my diet that is!)

I love Mexican food.

I love pizza and Chinese.

What if we could enjoy our favorite foods (in moderation of course!) and not have the guilt?


I think the best diet you can have accounts for a cheat meal. Our diets don’t have to be perfect 100% of the time – and I personally like to follow an 80/20 rule. There was a time when I tried to be 100% on my wholefood diet and that caused a lot of stress for me! I felt like I couldn’t hang out with my friends over dinner or go over to anyone’s house without stressing about what people were going to serve – and that just wasn’t what life was about.

If you are going out, look up the menu before you get there and see if you can find the best option (so you aren’t pressured to choose while everyone else is ordering) You can read more about eating out on a diet here.

Another tip is to eat a small healthy meal before you go out. When you go to a friend’s house, take some healthy food with you so you know you’ll have something healthy to choose from and something to share.


There is one more tip that I have and that’s my Fat Fighters!


Fat Fighters are great for that occasional cheat meal or for when you’re eating out and off of your diet. You’ll be able to see in my video that the white bean extract and cactus extract work together to bind to the extra carbs and fats in your meal so that you don’t absorb it. They work in your stomach and NOT your colon so you won’t find yourself running to the bathroom and the food won’t go right through you. No side effects, no misery!!


Watch How Fat Fighters Work:


As a personal testimony using Fat Fighters, I went on a two week vacation with my parents. We went to Florida and all over northern Georgia and southern Tennessee – and we ATE. We ate a lot. We ate a lot of desserts lol. I totally enjoyed it, but I had my Fat Fighters with me and took them about 30 minutes after every meal. When I got home from vacation, I just KNEW I was going to gain at least 3 pounds and to my surprise I didn’t gain a single pound!

Now, I always carry a bottle of Fat Fighters in my purse so I’m prepared 🙂 and I can share with others too!


It Works Fat Fighters Results


What is your favorite Cheat Meal? Would Fat Fighters be helpful to you on your next vacation?


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