Why Do You love Trim Healthy Mama? Real Mom Answers

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Why Do you Love Trim Healthy Mama? Real Mom Answers

I love Trim Healthy Mama for me and my family, but I wanted to share that I’m not the only one who loves this plan. I interviewed my sister (who is also a whole food eater) to see why she loves Trim Healthy Mama. 

She is the mother to 4: 3 boys and 1 girl; Ages 11 – 3. She is a work from home mom. She has her doctorate in Accounting and teaches online courses. Her husband is currently in medical school about to start residency later this year. Here is why she loves Trim Healthy Mama. 


What are the reasons you love Trim Healthy Mama? 

In a quick response: 

I love that it Encourages you to enjoy the foods God gave us.

Encourages a mindset of fueling the body.

Focuses on nourishing the body and being healthy not just being skinny.




Budget Friendly.

Life Friendly.

Not overly restrictive. 

How have you changed how you eat since starting Trim Healthy Mama? 

 I would say I’m eating lower carb. I can identify with Whole Grain Jane from the book; I was eating mostly homemade, natural foods, but looking back, getting too many carbs in the form of honey, fruit, natural sugars, grains, etc.

Definitely more focused now on trying not to combine fuel sources (fats and carbs). I think about what the ingredients are in foods. I know how to pair foods now to make a meal either Satisfying or Energizing. That is a change since reading THM.

How do you cook for your kids on Trim Healthy Mama? Do you cook differently for them or the same?

Well, I don’t feel like I’ve changed much. We already ate at home (my cooking). I already used butter, coconut oil, etc. I do tend to cook a side just for them – rice, sweet potatoes, something easy. My husband and I just choose not to eat it (if it doesn’t fit in with a satisfying/s/high fat, low carb meal). And I have modified my recipes some to fit the plan.

Sometimes I give the kids cheese or something when I serve energizing (E/low fat meals, moderate carb) meals. Always something easy. 

What are your go to snacks right now? 

My favorite snack if I only have a minute is a light cheese stick and a slice of deli turkey. I’ll make it into a roll up. If I have a little longer, I’ll make a brownie in a mug or a hot chocolate or a shake. I also like celery sticks with cheese or peanut butter. I also really like boiled eggs if I’m okay with a satisfying snack. I like the cocoa almonds and trail mix. I also like the cottage berry whip and the cottage cheese and cocoa whip (recipe in the book). 

 How to you save money on Trim Healthy Mama?

 I don’t think I’m saving more money eating Trim Healthy Mama, probably about the same that I was spending before though. I try to shop frugal, scout out deals, shop online, etc. 

How does Trim Healthy Mama “empower” women?

I think it would empower women over many other weight loss programs. 

 Do you feel differently since eating on Trim Healthy Mama?

I feel like I’m losing weight. That’s nice. 

I lost weight effortlessly after finding “real food” in 2006. Haven’t been able to lose weight after having 2 more babies. Didn’t gain a lot, just got stuck. 

Are you ready to learn more about Trim Healthy Mama?

Check out their website here: Trim Healthy Mama

Buy the book: 




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