Why I STOPPED Blogging

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Why I STOPPED Blogging

and How I replaced my full time job working from home


Grassfed Mama, A.K.A. Angela, started blogging about 3 years ago on a free WordPress blog. I wanted to share tips and helpful information to all my friends and family who were interested in living a more natural lifestyle.

At the time I had a newish baby and was working part-time as a speech therapist.

After I was pregnant with my second daughter, I decided I didn’t even want to work part-time outside of the home anymore. It was hard enough to drop one kid off at daycare for just part of the time.

I looked into what I could do from home to bring in some income, and since I enjoyed blogging… I thought I would put my focus on building a blog that could generate some income while helping people live natural lives.


What I learned.

I started full time blogging in October of 2013 and continued full time until March 2014.ย 

As an income generator… it wasn’t cutting it for me.

I did start making some income – after I got my monthly views to 90,000 a month, I made about $800 my first quarter.

$800 as a full time blogger – linking up to 20 plus blog hops a week…. this math doesn’t add up!ย 


Although blogging is rewarding, Full Time Blogging with a goal toward earning income is hard.
“Now Everyone HAS a blog”


I decided it wasn’t worth it.

I was working on my blog all the time and it wasn’t paying off. I am not the only frustrated blogger out there I know.

I wanted to help people learn more about natural lives… I wanted to stay at home with my babies…

Maybe I should have kept at it, maybe I would have written a really viral post that would up my readership, maybe I could have kept trying to write great content and cut through the noise, but I honestly just couldn’t see a path forward to run my blog in such a way that would help me meet all of my goals (personal, financial, physical).


I decided to change what I was doing.

A friend of mine, who is also a blogger, told me about how she was able to retire her husband while she was building her home based business… and it wasn’t her blog!

My ears perked up. I wasn’t looking to retire my husband, I was looking to work from home so that we could increase our giving to our church and also pay off our house to give us more freedom.


I said no.

Yep! I did. I told her “no thanks” I’m not a sales person.


She didn’t give up.ย 


I said maybe.

I loved the products…. and I knew that if I wanted them, other people would want them too. Maybe this is what I’m supposed to do.ย I wanted to be a part of a company who I could align my values with and feel confident about the products. So I did some more research about It Works. I liked what I found.


I prayed.

I prayed – and prayed – and prayed. The feeling that I needed to tell her yes wouldn’t go away. God was pushing me towards joining her.


I said yes.

I put my fears aside. I said – I’m in! and I ran…

I made about $600 in my first 3 weeks.

With that passion that I had for my blog, I put into my new business and earned a $10,000 bonus in 2 months.

5 months later, I have replaced my FULL TIME speech therapy job… while I’m working from home, talking to my friends on Facebook, and having fun.


I just want to share this opportunity with you. You may be a mom who is like me… you are driven to change your income and you also want to work from home.

I want to share this Freedom I have found. I can help others feel amazing and look younger. I can work from home, on my schedule. I can work with my friends to change their lives too.


Does this sound like something you want to know more about?

You can hear more of my story and see a short video here!


As far as blogging, I will continue to post here and there when I have something to share. I am not going to be consumed with trying to be the most creative mom out there or the best cook in the world (because I’m neither, haha) – There are way more moms out there who can share with you about those topics.


If you are someone who wants to work from home, that is something I can help youย learn more about.ย 


You can learn more about me and It Works here.ย 

Want to talk more? Send me a message:ย 




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