Delicious Dining and the Birmingham Street Art Festival

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On Saturday September 6th and Sunday September 7th, more than 100 street artists transform Birmingham throughout several outdoor venues. I can’t wait to attend and see not only the artwork of the established artists but some emerging talent as well.

Photo By: Wally Gobetz (flickr)

All about the Birmingham Street Art Festival

Street Art Birmingham is hosting the event, known as the City of Colours Festival, as well as partnering with several well-known organizations and venues. Your entire family can participate in the festival by enjoying the art, participating in workshops, viewing live screenings, and sampling street food.


Saturday September 6th’s festivities will focus more on various workshops, live painting, cinema viewings, and music performances and competitions, while Sunday September 6th is devoted to actually viewing the artwork. There is free admission both days. The heart of the festival occurs at the Custard Factory, including the gallery, theatre area, and live demonstrations in the parking lots. In addition, you’ll find additional street food, graffiti workshops, and B boy battles throughout the Arena, the Old Crown, and the Alfie Birds.


Some of the workshops include artistic themes like graffiti art, where you’ll learn the difference between legal and illegal street art, as well as how to utilize spray paint to do different lettering and techniques. Other interactive workshops include using screen printing to design a tote bag, performing the spoken word live at the festival, and learning the steps to break dancing. You’ll also have the chance to watch Style Wars for free, playing at the Mockingbird Theatre, near the Custard Factory. The film details the underground world of graffiti, and how it started.


In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to watch or participate in the urban B boy competition. Contestants will compete in multiple one-on-one battles throughout the day until there are seven finalists left. These finalists will battle for the privilege of becoming the Gimme the Breaks champion.


On Sunday September 7th, you’ll have all day to peruse over 100 different artists work throughout the walls of different outdoor venues. Well-known street artists like  Dscreet, Phlegm, and Inkie have decorated blank walls with their artistic talents.


Of course, what festival would be complete without food? As you interact with various workshops or look at street art, stop at some of the food booths and sample quality-prepared street food, including flavorful briskets and burgers, wood-fire pizzas, Soul food, and Asian munchies.


Nearby delicious Newcastle dining with style


After I spend the weekend in Birmingham, I plan to do more traveling overseas in Newcastle, Australia.  Australia is known for some unique local dishes including barbecued prawns, lightly battered calamari, seasoned kangaroo, and meat pies with mashed potatoes stuffed inside them.

These are staples you can find at most Australian cafes, though you’ll find plenty of classier Newcastle restaurants that offer both Australian fare and Spanish tapas like slow-cooked beef cheeks for you and your travelling companions to share.  You’ll also find Australian dishes like barramundi fish, or pasta with Australian king prawns.

As you travel overseas, schedule at least a week to fully appreciate both Street Art Festival in Birmingham, and the delicious Newcastle dining with style. Your taste buds will thank you. From street food to a premier restaurant and banquet hall, you’ll find it all.


by Gel Ramirez

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