Thoughts of Thanksgiving

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Happy November!!!

‘Tis the season to celebrate how good God has been to us and His promises.

November is one of my favorite times of the year. It is just starting to get cooler and I don’t feel guilty listening to Christmas music (hehe).

It is also a time to reflect on this past year and how Faithful God has been to us.

Four years ago, I was 9 month pregnant with my first… waddling around the neighborhood on Thanksgiving day trying to get this baby to decided that she was ready to meet us (my due day was Thanksgiving day). About a week later, she entered the world – and my world has never been the same.

Two years ago I was pregnant with my second baby girl – and feeling awful with all day sickness. Prayer and prayers were prayed for her that she would be healthy.



God answered those prayers and more! She is healthy and happy at 17 months old and I just can imagine life without her joy in our home.

We started two new small groups with our church that have been another blessing for us with being able to meet new friends and just grow spiritually as a community. What a huge blessing to be able to go to a church who care about relationships and growing together.

This year, God has been faithful to answering more and more prayers. We prayed for direction for what we needed to do financially – and God answered our prayers by showing us It Works. Our life is filled with more friends now and our new It Works Family.

I know that in our day to day life, sometimes it gets hard to stop and just say Thank You to God and all that he has done for us. This year, we decided to write down each day something new that we are thankful for during this month. It is so powerful to see God’s blessings in our life written down.


What are your tips for staying focused on Being Thankful during our busy holiday season?

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

Love the Parkers!!


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