What is a Body Wrap?

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Maybe you have heard of Body Wraps before at a spa… maybe you have even tried one. 

If you haven’t tried an It Works Ultimate Body Applicator before, you are missing out!

Before I tried the It Works wrap, I had tried a seaweed wrap at a spa. My sister even did a slimming wrap at a spa where she had to workout on an elliptical machine for 30 minutes!! Both of these were full body wraps that were dehydrating with results that didn’t last.


When I first saw these new wraps, I had a friend share on facebook that she had used an It Works wrap and that it worked for her. I was so intrigued, I had to try it myself! 

I had my second baby in the summer of 2013… and my skin was just NOT bouncing back like it did after my first. I knew I needed some help and I LOVED that these were all natural wraps that used herbs and botanicals. Plus, I could do at my home and didn’t need to undress in front of a stranger – Woohoo!


I tried my first wrap and fell in love! These wraps were so easy to use plus I was able to see results that I wanted in 24 hours.









How to use an It Works Wrap:

You open the package and place the body wrap where you want to target (anywhere from your chin to your toes).

Hold it in place with saran or a breathable Fab Wrap or tight clothes. Leave it there for 45 minutes (or up to 8 hours).

During this time, you drink 1/2 your body weight in oz of water each day for the following 3 days to stay hydrated.

You can do a new wrap every 72 hours for best results.

Results typically last 2-6 months, but can last longer with a healthy lifestyle.



Want to Wrap and Save?

You can buy at retail and get 4 wraps for $99 OR you can become a Loyal Customer and get 4 wraps for $59


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You can join our Loyal Customer program for FREE by setting up 2 additional orders for the following 2 consecutive months. You get all the perks of wholesale pricing, earning 10% back on each order and chance for earning Free wraps too!


 Do you have any questions?

We would love to help customize your order!



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