How to Wrap Yourself at Home

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Did you know you could do this at home?

I didn’t know how easy it was to use a body wrap at my home to tighten, tone and firm your skin at home!

I tried my first wrap after my second baby was born and I was looking for something to tighten my skin back up. I used an It Works Body Wrap and saw amazing results in 45 minutes with even better results the next day! I was so excited I had to call and tell my sister. After I started telling all of my friends about my results, they wanted to try these wraps too. We all fell in love!

The wraps are fun, easy to use, and they work!

With our ready to use body wraps, you can wrap your body anywhere from your chin to your toes for progressive results over the next 72 hours. Just keep wrapping until you are happy : ) Your results will typically last 2-6 months and you can just wrap every once in a while to maintain your results.

Watch how easy it is to use: 

If you are ready to Get Your Wrap on, just click www.GoodLifeWraps.com to see our Most Popular Skinny Pack to get what you need to get started.

You can save 40% as a Loyal Customer just by trying one product for 3 months. You get all these extra perks too! We love our Loyals : )


If you have any questions, we would love to help!

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