Do you have a skeptical spouse?

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When I decided to join It Works and start my own home based business, Adam was NOT on board at all. He honestly told me that I couldn’t do this. Well, obviously he changed his mind after about 2-3 weeks and said that I could join!

I joined It Works on March 23, 2014 and 9 weeks later I had earned a $10,000 bonus – all from home! He quickly changed his mind about the company and he ended up joining as well.

Hear his story here:


Guys are usually the skeptical ones, but it can happen on both sides – Adam says it is usually because they don’t like change, don’t like spending money, and don’t want their partnerย spending time on somethingย elseย : P

Obviously, this is a REAL business and can grow a real income as well (Triple Diamonds average about $10,000 a month). But it does take effort and some time as you build a business. Success Loves Speed – We came to the conclusion that there really was no risk, and that a trial period was the perfect choice for us. We were going to go all in during that 3 month period.

5 months in, I had promoted to Double Diamond and was averaging $6,000 a month (about what I was making when I was aย speech therapist). We were completely sold and set the goal to continue working with It Works.

Now we are making plans and changing our goals to continue to grow this home based business. We love the flexibility of working on your own time, the extra income so we can save and give more, and also the freedom we have to plan for our future.



Do you have dreams that you have had to set aside because life got in the way? Maybe it is time to dream again.


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