3 Easy Ways To Involve Your Child In Household Chores

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Teaching your child responsibility is important to every parent. There are so many chores to

complete when keeping your home neat and tidy. You can teach your child some easy ways to

get involved in day to day chores. They can learn a good work ethic from a young age and it will

be nice to have a little help around the house.


You can start teaching your child about household chores in their bedroom or playroom. It’s

important that your child takes ownership for their things and responsibility for keeping them in

good condition. Put together a routine for cleaning up their toys after they are finished playing.

Be sure to have plenty of easily accessible storage bins so your child can begin to put things

away on their own. Create clearly labeled containers for their toys and books. Your child will

learn independence by being able to find these containers and tidy up their space. Let your child

be involved in deciding how and where things should be stored. This will help them feel involved

and solidify the chore in their memory.


easy ways to include toddlers in chores

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Include your child in other household chores by creating a chore board. Place a chalkboard or

whiteboard somewhere prominent in your home. Write down some small age appropriate tasks

around the house for your child to help with. You can assign each chore to a day to make things

more organized and easier to keep track of. Think of things to assign your child that will actually

help you instead of just a mindless task. Giving chores to your child should be as much about

relieving yourself of a bit of the workload as it is about teaching your child responsibility. It’s up

to you if you’d like to offer a reward to your child for finishing their chores. There could be a

monetary reward or something as simple as getting to choose the movie at family movie night.

Some parents choose not to offer a reward for chores so that their child is not only driven by



easy ways to include toddlers in chores

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It may not be easy to think of chores to offer to your child. After years of doing everything

yourself, it can be a challenge to give up a bit of the work. By asking your child to go outside

and crush soda cans for your recycling bin, they can learn the value of recycling. If you have a

family of multiple children, let each child alternate nights where they help you dry the washed

dishes after dinner. Your child will cherish the few minutes of one on one attention they get from

you. You may find your child questioning why you do tasks a certain way or modifying their way

of working from the way you taught them. It’s important to listen to their suggestions with an

open mind. Involving your child in chores is a good opportunity to teach your child that there

may be more than one right way to do something and that different viewpoints are valid.


easy ways to include toddlers in chores


Via Modernize.com

Involving your child in household chores is a chance to teach them some powerful life lessons.

There are so many easy ways you can involve them and give away a piece of your heavy

workload. You will really enjoy your new free time and seeing your child mature!

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