My Prayer for you, Dreamer

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Today I’m praying for you, Dreamer <3 


The world doesn’t like dreamers – They never have!


I’m not sure if it is just that people aren’t comfortable with new ideas… or they don’t like change.


But God LOVES dreams 🙂


God is the God of BIG Dreams.

They don’t scare him one bit!!


I think of Joseph who was made fun of by his family for being a Dreamer. God created those dreams inside Joseph’s heart and they were SO BIG that everyone just laughed and mocked Joseph.

Joseph lived a very tough life: Mocked and Abandoned by his own family, Sold into slavery, Imprisoned, Forgotten… but God was there and Joseph’s dreams never died.


You have a dream.

You may still be too scared to tell someone, but you feel it building inside you.

You may have told someone, and they laughed at you!

You may have tried to build your dream, and failed.


Your dreams are worth it!

The world is going to mock us and put us down for having Big Dreams or thinking that we can make a difference – but we KNOW and BELIEVE that that just isn’t true!


We CAN change our situation and so many others.

Will it take a fight?

Will it be a struggle at times?

Will it be worth it?


I had a dream.

When I held my baby girl for the first time… my dream changed.

I was no longer okay with my previous dreams. This baby girl was my dream.


I was willing to do anything I could to be with her and I was willing to fight for her.



Life isn’t always in the dream building business. Frankly, life does everything it can to take away our dreams, because this world is broken.


I had to make a choice. Was I going to fight for my baby, or was I going to give in to my dreams?


I decided to fight.

I fought through my insecurities. I fought through the tears when it got hard. I fought my doubts and fears. I decided to show her that HER dreams were worth fighting for too.


You have a dream.

Are you ready to fight?


For me, it started when someone else believed in me. I didn’t even believe I could do this!!

Even if you don’t believe in yourself right now, Believe that you were created for Big Dreams! 


Next, I made a Dream Board.

A “Vision” of the dreams that were in my heart.

For me, it started as me building a business where I could be home with my girls. A business that I could work on  my time… create my schedule. A business where I could own my own time and be my own boss. That dream grew into a business where my husband and I could BOTH be home with our girls full time – complete freedom!


Then, I went to work. 


I worked a lot – because dreams are worth working for!


I learned a lot of lessons along the way. 


I had to grow into a business owner.

I had to learn how to run and build a business. I had to discover things about myself.


I had to fail a few times… but I learned that if I was failing, I was learning. I chose to fail forward! 


Dreams don’t work unless you do! 

I am here to say that DREAMS do come TRUE!


I believe in your dreams… will you start believing in them too?



If you want to hear more of my story, click here. 





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