5 Traits of a Leader

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In my business, I hear from so many people “I want to be a great leader” … but what does that actually mean?

I would have never ever EVER said that I was a leader. In my natural state, I am a total introvert – and would rather just be at home alone lol. I’m not very good at making quick decisions. HOW in the world could I be a leader!?!

Leaders are Learners

One thing I have seen across my team over the past two years is that Leaders are Learners. A leader never is satisfied with the knowledge they have at one point, they are always looking for a way to become a better version of themselves.

This knowledge can come from various places:

  • Going to conferences and in person training
  • Reading books
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Taking a class


Leaders lead from the Front

A true leader is working harder than anyone else on their team. They are putting in more hours because the speed of the leader = the speed of the team. A leader knows that they can’t ask their team to do anything they aren’t willing to do themselves (even if it means failing or being out of their comfort zones).

The respect they will earn from their team will be of such great value, because their team will actually listen to them when they share a tip or any knowledge they have learned (from the first point of leaders being learners). Their team will know how hard they are working – they will be inspired to push themselves even harder.


Leaders see the Value in their Team

If you have a team who is following you, a leader is going to praise and edify their team. Leaders recognize that someone who is valued for their efforts is going to work twice as hard than someone who feels they don’t get the praise they deserve. By doing so, your team will grow to love you as a leader (and NOT just their boss!).


Leaders admit their Failures

No one is perfect… and no leader is perfect. A team is going to respect and follow their leader when they know their leader is being honest and transparent.

How you respond to your failures is as least as important as how you respond to your successes. 

I am completely honest with my team when I share my weaknesses with doing home parties and events – I could possibly be the worst! Haha! but I have some great leaders on my team who totally rock in these two areas and they are my go to when someone wants to use these tools to grow their businesses.


Leaders find a way

Everyone has a potential excuse or reason why they “can’t” be successful in their businesses. A leader is going to turn their potential excuse into their greatest asset for being successful. It is going to fuel them to be creative in finding a way.

A leader’s limitations are their greatest inspirations. 

work from home

I have a team member and great friend, Amber, who from an outside view had everything going against her. She had no money to start her business, she was working full time, a husband who worked long hours and had two active girls at home… and on top of all this she has severe social anxiety and has trouble talking with people.

She could have just focused on her limitations and walked away from an opportunity to start a business that would allow her to become a stay at home mom (her dream job!!)…

But she decided that her dreams were worth the short term sacrifices it would take to achieve them and she was willing to find a way to build her business despite her limitations. Because of her willingness to find a way no matter what, she has been able to build her business completely online and use her strengths. I’m so proud to say that she is indeed a stay at home mom now, along with her husband who is at home full time as well!


What do you feel is a great trait in a leader? What is the best book or source you have found on developing your leadership style?


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