How I earned a Free Cruise

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This girl right here is going to go on a FREE cruise. ⛱⛴☀️

Who wants to come with me???

I mean seriously how fun would it be to go on a girls trip??? For free!!!!



Last year, It Works announced their FIRST EVER Cruise!! I hadn’t been on a cruise in almost 10 years, so when I heard that I could win a cruise trip for FREE… I was ALL ears!!

To win the cruise, you had to be a distributor with It Works, then you earned points based on steps to build your business. So, I could win a get-away trip just for building my business??? This was going to be AWESOME!!!!

I didn’t know if I would earn a trip, but I was going to try my best!!!

After working hard for 3 months (Just doing the steps to success), I remember watching the names scroll to see if I had won… and there it was – MY NAME!!!

Me??? Angela???  had just EARNED a free cruise with her business O.o Whoa!

This shy girl… who didn’t believe in herself when she started was able to earn a free cruise!!

Not just me, but so many of my friends were able to go on this cruise with me!!! This was such a great vacation away with Adam and so much fun to be there with like minded friends and team members.

I got to meet so many other families who were just like us! Some were full time at home like we are building our businesses and some were working part time. The main thing that brought us together is that we had found a better way…

A better way of living life.

A way to pay off debt. A way to get more time with our family. A way to dream again.



I never dreamed I could do so much with my home based business. When I started, I just wanted to earn an extra $500 a month so we could give more and not have to stress. It has brought me so much more into my life. As you can see, we have made lasting friendships, we have paid off debt, we have been able to give more than ever before and we are living our dream life working full time at home.


I wanted to share this, with you because It Works JUST announced that they are bringing the cruise BACK!!! This is YOUR time to start your business and earn your FREE cruise vacation. Come on a trip with us to celebrate!!

“So How do I get started???”

It is SO easy! Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Join our TEAM! 
  2. Start building YOUR business by following the Steps to Success
    1. Add 4 customers
    2. Add 3 team members
    3. Go RUBY!!! in your first 2 months and earn a $500 Bonus 
  3. Repeat the Steps to Success and teach your team to do the same 🙂

You may be thinking “but I have NO idea how to build a business!!!” Let me assure you that I was exactly where you are when I started… and I remember exactly how it felt! I will be here every step of the way to help you get started and have all the tools to be successful 🙂

I can’t WAIT to spend this vacation with you!!!!!


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