Are you Stuck in Your Comfort Zone?

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Are you riding your Tricycle when you could be driving your Tahoe?

Everything happens in stages. We learn to roll over, then rock back and forth.. Crawl… and eventually walk and run.

This development isn’t questioned by anyone. It is expected by all.

At some point as adults… We get stagnant.

We stop developing. We stop striving to become something better.

We are stuck riding around on a tiny tricycle…

We are missing out on our potential for greater things, because we are scared to take off the training wheels…

Scared to try something new… Scared to fall.

As for me, I came to the point when I outgrew where I was… and I had to become (un)comfortable again.

Maybe you don’t realize your potential right now… But maybe something inside you screams that you were made for something more.

I know comfort zones are safe… But great things never happen in them.

Take the first step towards the steering wheel.


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