The boy who changed the World

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On February 14, 2016…. we had to say “See you later” to our special boy Josh, my nephew. Even though he had many limitations, he really did change so many lives during his 13 years on this earth.

He was born with a rare genetic disease that impacted all his motor control.

On the day he passed away, we were driving across the country to get to his side. It was the darkest day of my life. When I realized that I wouldn’t get to see him again, and it was his time to go… this is what I wrote. I hope you can see how much of a difference this little boy made in my life.





Today we celebrate your adventure, Joshua.

When we first met you, we all gathered together to say ‘Hello, Welcome to our family!!’

We celebrated big milestones like reaching 10 pounds!! That was such a huge goal and once you reached it, you never stopped growing.

We celebrated birthdays together. 13 years, Josh!!

We celebrated new siblings together!! You grew into the best big brother too. So patient when everyone wanted to crawl over you or hang on your wheelchair.

We celebrated new houses together. You moved a lot!! You travelled all over the place in an RV for 9 months!?! What a story you have to tell!

And today…

I can’t imagine the adventure!!

You get to leave your wheelchair behind, bud. You don’t need that anymore!

All the hugs from everyone who have gone on before you! I know you are going to be quick to show off your new legs.

I bet Paw Paw will throw a ball and Nonna will cheer you on the loudest when you run to catch it.

The music, Josh… I’m sure your ears have never heard a sweeter tune. You love music so much.

We miss you. We miss your smile. We miss your laugh.

I know that we will see you soon. This is not goodbye. We gather together today to say ‘See you later.’

Well done, Josh.

You changed the world.

Josh's empty wheelchair

Josh’s empty wheelchair

Josh's Celebration Service

Josh’s Celebration Service

It is well with my soul

It is well with my soul

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