Don’t listen to your fears

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Just 8 months ago, Adam was working full time as a Chemical Engineer.

He has always been such a hard worker providing for our family.

He would wake up before the ☀️ sun and come home just in time for dinner and bedtime. Our girls were missing out on knowing him… and he was missing out on knowing them.

My youngest daughter… just wasn’t really attached to him at all and it made my heart hurt so much. In my heart, I knew there was another way for them to know each other.


I had a dream of us working at home together.

How CRAZY would that be?!? 

We could be our own bosses. Set our own schedule and build our legacy.

But… that could never happen for a speech therapist and chemical engineer.


Or so I thought…

Just 8 months ago, we took a huge leap. We went full time with our home based business.

It was the best decision we could have ever made. What a blessing that two years ago we found a vehicle to find our passion, our mission and help others find theirs along the way.

We finally have the freedom to work from anywhere, to make our own schedule… to not have to compromise our time together as a family for a full time income.

Two years ago, I had no idea what I was starting… and I was nervous and I didn’t think I would be successful…

What if I would have listened to my fears? 


I’m thankful that I pushed myself to try something new… to get out of my comfort zone. Because of that decision, this picture a reality A daddy who isn’t rushing off to work on a Thursday morning and a daughter who gets all the time she could imagine with him.

work from home


What are you missing out on because of fear?

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