Why a Dream Board is So Critical to Your Long Term Success!

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Let’s be honest, when I first had someone tell me to “Make a Dream Board” I kind of dismissed it as a waste of time that would be better used trying to accomplish my goals, just not put them on a board of some kind.

I expect many of you may have the same reaction to that advise, I find people of action often feel that way!

That’s one reason I say to you now, in spite of all those feelings, creating a Dream Board was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had dealing with goals, and I truly believe it made a difference in my long term success!


So what is a Dream Board?


In simple terms, a Dream Board is a visual representation of your long term desires and wishes. That’s quite different from a goal sheet, or even a list of things you would like to accomplish.

I’ve seen many different types of Dream Boards work for all kinds of people. Some of the most effective included:

  • Posterboard and Magazine Photo Collage: This method is tried and true and works for almost anyone!
  • Digital Board: This is getting more popular in the “paperless” crowds. You still use images, but you can also add music, sound effects, etc.
  • Pinboard Design: Using a corkboard allows you an easy way to add and adjust your dream board easily (one of my favorites!)

Sometimes doing something simple like writing on your mirror or wearing a bracelet can make a big difference!

Presidential MirrorConference Bracelet

I think there are 3 important distinctions of a Dream Board that make them SO powerful for your personal growth:


Dream Boards are VISUAL


We created our dream board to remind us what we were working towards. We could visualize the pay off for our efforts. 

It created a vision of what was in our future – and that was EXCITING!!

Goals are more about who you become that what you accomplish.

When you are making goals, remember that you WILL have to grow and push yourself to be a better version of yourself in order to reach those goals.

A single most important reason to do a Dream Board is that is VISUAL. It really MUST be Visual to connect with your mind and spirit in a way that just thinking about doesn’t accomplish!


Dream Boards are COMMUNAL


Think back to all the big moments in your life, odds are you weren’t alone.

Most big events and powerful memories we make involve other people, especially people that you care about deeply.

Any dream board you attempt will be MORE POWERFUL if you BUILD IT WITH PEOPLE YOU CARE ABOUT.

This might be (and probably should be) your close family, including your children. But depending on the situation, you might want to include some good friends or business partners to help you form your dreams into something concrete. Some of my most powerful memories are from those gatherings!


Dream Boards are EMOTIONAL

Most of the time we don’t give up on a dream because we decided that we no longer wanted it. You didn’t decide logically that you didn’t want to quit that job you hate, didn’t want more time with your kids, and didn’t want to be excited to start work every day.

The negative emotions of life beat you down.

In my experience, the only way to defeat negative emotions is to combat them with POSITIVE, ENCOURAGING, & INSPIRING thoughts of your own.

“The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.”

― Robin S. Sharma

You need to not only feed your mind, you need to FEED YOUR EMOTIONS in a positive way.


Are you ready to dream again? If you are interested in learning more about our team and what we are dreaming about for you, come check out our adventure! 


What are some things on Your Dream Board?

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