How to get Out of a Funk

Most people think that working and reaching goals is only up, up and up… but what I have found is that every journey has it’s ups and downs. 

In my business, there certainly are seasons and every season has a purpose. 

Sometimes, we get bogged down or we set a goal and life just happens.

We didn’t decide to get in a funk… we just got distracted and it was hard to get back into our groove.

A really common time to get in a funk is around the holidays and summer… Why??

Because there are so many things to take up our time… our thoughts… and schedules are hard to keep.

What are the steps to get out of a funk once you realize that you are in one? 


Admit you are in a Funk

We try to skirt around this topic and avoid the idea that it is our fault that we aren’t reaching our goals or business isn’t booming like it was… but most of the time – we can circle back to ourselves and see where we stopped pushing as hard as before.

Also, taking responsibility is a great action to take in any situation.


Deciding to Take Action

Taking small actions daily is how you make long term progress and change. 

Did you know that the small daily actions are just as important as the big leaps and bounds?

What most people don’t realize is consistency is your biggest asset. It isn’t sexy, but it works!

Make the decision that every day… NO MATTER WHAT you are going to do X Y and Z (that will be different for everyone based on their goals or business).


Let’s say you goal is to lose 10 pounds in the next 3  months by exercising 30 minutes a day and eating clean 6 days a week. THEN Life Happened. There was a party, a wedding, a vacation, long days at work…

and your Goal didn’t happen.

You got in a Funk.

You GAINED 5 pounds….



So how do you get back on track???

Tell yourself this – I am in a funk, but my goals are worth it to me and I’m strong enough to start fresh and start over. I will reach my goal! I’m going to take each day and make it a step towards my goal by 1) Exercising 30 minutes every day NO MATTER WHAT 2) Eat Clean


Stay Accountable

That’s what I call “Call a Friend.” You know what, everyone needs support, a friend they can count on. Make sure the person who is your accountability partner is going to cheer you on and be in your corner… and also can call you out when needed.

Even if it is just a once a week check in… 5 – 10 minute call just to say I am on track, I worked out 30 minutes and I’m losing weight!


Have you ever been in a funk? What steps did you take to get back on track?


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