Can you work from anywhere?

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Author’s Note: I’m excited to have a guest post from my husband Adam Parker today! I think he has another perspective on how we built our business since we was working outside the home when we first got started. Enjoy!


A few years ago I read a blog about working from home. It was about this guy who built a business where he was able to travel around the world and and still “show up for work”. For the life of me, I can’t find that blog post, I wish I could and thank that blogger.

When I read it, I was working full time as an Engineer with VERY limited vacation options. Although I liked my job (but didn’t love it) I really desired to be free to travel places, to show my girls the world around them, and experience it all! I didn’t want to wait until I was 65 and on a pension before I had the freedom to go places when I wanted to go!

That really spoke to me, could we really do that? See all these places we wanted to go, and still build a business?

So we made that our goal, to build a business not limited by what area of town we lived in, how much money we had to put into a building, or any other of the typical limitations. That spoke to me in so many ways.

This wasn’t something that we could build overnight. We knew it was going to take time, but we were excited to work on that goal and dream of our future freedom together.

Now that we have that freedom, what did it take and what were the steps to get there? 

Kids in Philadelphia, PA

We started an online business.

About two years ago, we did something completely crazy. We started a home based business with a global online store. With no background in business or marketing we started building this business and learning as we went.

We jumped in head first and really didn’t look back. We spent any free time we did have working on our business and working to build it up from scratch. We personally used the power of social media. We liked it because that was where all our friends were hanging out anyways (Facebook is the new mall.) Plus, we always had our phones or iPads with us to be able to work from anywhere. 


We set Big Goals

We didn’t just start a business with no clear path in mind… we started a business with a clear goal that we wanted to reach. We were determined and tenacious with our goal and I think that was one factor in actually reaching it.

Our goal was to be able to make enough for both of us to work our home based business full time and have complete freedom of our time and location.


We learned what we needed

I think one thing that was crucial for us was that both of us are lifelong learners. We love a challenge and we love learning new skills. Owning a business wasn’t something we had ever done before, so it was important to invest in ourselves to learn new skills and how to actually build an online business.


How is this possible?

1) We do require WiFi… so we usually check before hand if WiFi is available.

We say with WiFi and a Dream, anything is possible. 

2) We like to travel, so many of our trips include visiting our team members and bringing the girls with us.

3) The home business we chose isn’t a “party” based business (i.e. private home product showings), so that allows us to design our business the way we want. If that means talking over social media, or making a phone call to talk – anything is possible as long as you have your phone and computer with you.

4) Our main goal is connect with customers and help them reach their goals – Many people are familiar with ordering online and we just make recommendations to help them with their choices as they are looking for solutions to their problems.


If you could work from anywhere, where would your office be?


Does this sound like something you may be interested in? Read more about how you can start a business that you can work from anywhere.

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