Back to School DIY Lice Prevention

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Can we stop for a second and talk about something — GROSS?!?

Yes. I mean LICE ????????

Back to School means sometimes these creepy crawlies can be passed from student to student (Oh, the horror!!) ????????????????

What can we do to prevent these nasty little buggers?!?

No worries, moms. I got you covered!

Just a few drops of Tea Tree Oil can work naturally for you!!

✨Mix 10-15 drops of Tea Tree Oil into 2 cups of water. Spray on hair daily in the morning ???????? Keep in glass spray bottle (that’s important!)


✨Use Coconut oil + Tea Tree oil to rub into the scalp at night.


It can be as simple as that! I love when a natural solution can be so easy to use!


Have you ever had to treat lice in your house? What are you best natural tips!

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