Our Madeline Homeschool Adventure

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This is our third week of homeschool… which has been such a great adventure in itself! I know that this is be a lot of me learning and growing as well as my girls.

I’ve been reflecting a lot today about making the choice to homeschool and how it was certainly a process. I remember thinking about it when my first was just a baby. Planning how my husband (who was working full time as a chemical engineer) could do science experiments on the weekends with us. It is crazy to think that just 4 years later we are a full time family and can both be at home to homeschool!

I was really nervous to start… but what I found was that there are a ton of resources!! Today was pretty much a perfect homeschool day for us… and it just makes me so excited that we chose to start this journey. I know that we will have harder days where it isn’t as fun or easy, but I’m thankful for today.

Since I am someone who always wanted a snapshot of what it would look like to homeschool, I decided to give you a play by play of what we did today. We are using Five in a Row as our curriculum this year, which uses books as the foundation for learning all other subjects.

This week we are reading Madeline (a personal favorite).


Learning how to make crepes


Here is what our school day consisted of:

We are using these free printables for the week from Homeschool Share 


Free time Reading

Listening to a Read Aloud of Madeline

Cut out some squares to work on words that rhyme

Colored a picture of Madeline

Explored a 360 View of Paris 

Went to a local Creperie in downtown to learn about a famous French food, learned how to make crepes too!

Took a trip to the library to find other books about France and played with some other kids while we were there.


During the rest of the week, we will be using the printables, re-reading Madeline and learning more about France. Everything building on each other : )



Do you homeschool? What are your best tips for learning with different ages?



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