Take Off Stickers Naturally

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Do you have any annoying stickers that you need to remove but want to use a natural option??

I am decorating my new house and have MANY stickers that need to be removed.. so how can you remove a stubborn sticker naturally???

Check out my video and learn my little secret to peeling off stubborn stickers without leaving any residue:



P.S. If you have never used essential oils before, Lemon is a great one to start with! I love using lemon to clean my house naturally. It is naturally uplifting and inspiring, it will have you thinking happy thoughts with one deep, joy-filled breath! Plus, you can save 40% by trying just one essential oil for the next three months : )


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Do you have any essential oil hacks that you love? 

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  1. Hi Angela,
    Thanks for the great tip. I have never thought about using lemon essential oil to remove stickers. I have heard of using rubbing alcohol to remove sticker and I think it does work but I can’t stand the smell since I am chemically sensitive and it can be rather dangerous for me to be breathing in the fumes of it so I try to find other ways or doing it. This solves my problem plus I love the smell of lemon. Sharing.

    • Yes!!! I also used it to remove some sticky residue on a plate with just a few drops. I let it soak just a few minutes, but then it came right off. I totally agree that this smells so much better!

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