Can Your Accountability Partner Help You Reach Your Goals?

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Let’s be honest… We all have great intentions to lose weight, to work out, to make a promotion, to get healthier… and then we just stop. 

We stop working towards our goals… we lose focus… and we don’t even realize what happened. It wasn’t a single decision to give up, it was daily choices to not follow through.


What can we do to help us break through those days when we are feeling weak, our willpower is down, and it feels like it would be easier to just not do anything??? 

You need an accountability partner. A friend, a spouse, a sister, a neighbor who you can both walk together towards to finish line.

Guys, this is a case study, haha! Adam and I have committed to waking up 2 hours earlier than normal – and it is WAY easier to just sleep in and say that we are too tired today. Together we can encourage each other! One morning I may be the one kicking him and saying it is time to wake up and the next he is doing the same to me. Because it is rare that we have the focus, the willpower to be full on – 100% committed everyday without a little help.

Here is a little video to encourage you to find your accountability partner and start crushing goals together!

Do you have someone who encourages you to keep going?

Share this with them and tell them Thank you!! 


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