How to Tighten your Skin without Surgery

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Learn this simple process I learned to Tighten Your Skin after pregnancy or weight loss. This at home treatment will help you avoid surgery and tighten your skin.

How To Tighten Your Skin After Pregnancy

About 3 years ago, I was 4 month post partum with Annaleigh (my second baby) and I was doing everything I could to get back in shape and feel confident again.

How To Tighten Your Skin After Pregnancy

I was eating healthy, I was exercising – but pregnancy had stretched out my skin and left me with a few stretch marks too. I was not feeling like myself… I didn’t want to dress up… I was just feeling stuck. 

I had a friend who was also a mom share with me what she was using and that it was working!! I decided that I wanted to try it for myself.

She came over to let me try this thing out. She took a before picture of my stomach and put this breathable cloth that was covered in a botanically based cream on my skin.

This was nothing like those other body wraps I had seen at a spa before where you had to sweat and get undressed. This was totally different – I didn’t have to sweat at all! I just sat on my couch, drank some water and waited 45 minutes.

How is the It Works Body Wrap different?

You don’t sweat… at all!

That’s right… no sweating involved at all.

Actually, you want to avoid sweating all together so the cream is absorbed into your skin!

Results are Progressive

If the results were water weight… over the next three days,  I would expect your results to disappear. But in fact with the It Works Body Wrap, your results improve after you take the wrap off and full results are after 72 hours!

No Spa Needed

You can use these body wraps at home… and on the go! There is no need to book an expensive appointment… just in three easy steps you will get your wrap on : )

What is the wrap?

The Ultimate Body Applicator™ is a non-woven cloth wrap that is infused with a powerful, botanically based cream formula to deliver tightening, toning, and firming results in as little as 45 minutes! The botanical ingredients help to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin while redefining the appearance of your body’s contours.

I LOVED the way the wrap smelled – it just like I was in a spa (but thankfully I was in my own home).

My skin was tingly and cool – I could feel it working! I just loved that this was nourishing my skin with herbs and botanicals.

After 45 minutes it was time to take off the wrap. I was already excited about what I saw!

My stretch marks were lighter and my skin felt tighter too. She told me that full results were after 72 hours, so just stay hydrated and take another picture in 3 days.

What was the magic of these wraps? How do they work?

The Ultimate Body Applicator is a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming results where applied to the skin.

  • Tightens, tones, & firms
  • Minimizes cellulite appearance
  • Improves skin texture & tightness
  • Mess-free and simple to use
  • Results in as little as 45 minutes
  • Progressive results over 72 hours
  • Made with natural ingredients

Watch How you can tighten and tone your skin at home:


9 Facts About Body Wraps

1. It’s NOT water-weight loss. There isn’t one single ingredient in our wrap that would cause water weight loss.

2. It’s botanically infused cloth is designed to tighten, tone and firm any area on the body from the neck down where you want to see some instant toning results.

3. They reduce the appearance of cellulite.

4. One wrap is a “sample” but 4 is a full treatment. Just like someone wouldn’t go get ONE session of hair removal, go tanning ONE time or use ONE crest white strip, Wraps need to be used as a full treatment for best results.  Although people typically see results from ONE, don’t stop there.

5. Drink the recommend amount of water during the 72 hours your wrap is working in your body. Your results will also be progressive over that time frame.

6. Take Pictures…. If you aren’t willing to take a picture than you may as well not wrap! Because you’re not going to be able to compare and see the difference!! My first wrap I didn’t realize the results I had just looking in the mirror… and when I compared the 2 photos, my jaw dropped!!

7. Wraps are NOT meant for lazy people to throw a skinny wrap on and skip a healthy lifestyle. They are designed to go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle – hence the reason we have an entire supplement line! But think how amazing it would be to throw a wrap on on days you’re feeling discouraged and haven’t seen results in a while. You get that instant result and Suddenly you’re motivated again!! This is my favorite reason to wrap!!

8. Wraps will tighten loose skin from weight loss and pregnancy. I am NOT a scientist and don’t even understand how on earth you can stick a wrap on and see these results, but I’ve seen them with my own eyes all day every day for almost 2 years!

9. Results last an average of 2-6 months with a healthy lifestyle. Are your results at the gym permanent? Depends on if you’re maintaining with a healthy lifestyle, correct? Same with our wraps. I know my results lasted several months. If you are already working on eating better and staying active, these wraps could be a part to help you stay motivated and get the results you want faster.

My Results

How To Tighten Your Skin After Pregnancy

How To Tighten Your Skin After Pregnancy

I was so excited to see definition on my stomach again! I could see all that work I was doing by staying active had paid off – and I was seeing my efforts! The wrap was able to enhance my healthy lifestyle. What this meant for me was that I was more motivated to stay on track – because I was seeing results quicker than before.

After I wrapped my stomach… I wanted to see what these would do for my legs. I still couldn’t wear about half of my pants from before pregnancy, so I was up for this test! I wrapped my legs, and in 24 hours I was back in all my smallest pants – this was crazy… I was excited and I just had to tell my sister lol. Those results lasted for months too!!

How To Tighten Your Skin After Pregnancy

How To Tighten Your Skin After Pregnancy

I was so pumped about my results and I found my confidence again. I was excited to get dressed up in my favorite clothes.

What I found was that, eating healthy and exercising were necessary, but they weren’t able to tighten my skin – and that’s exactly what I needed.

These wraps aren’t just for women.

My dad had lost 50 pounds making healthier food choices, but he was left with a lot of extra skin. He slept in a wrap, and after 12 hours his results were jaw dropping! I couldn’t believe what I had my hands on – I wanted everyone to feel as great as I did. 

Are you ready to Tighten Your Skin?

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How To Tighten Your Skin After Pregnancy

How To Tighten Your Skin After Pregnancy

How To Tighten Your Skin After Pregnancy

How To Tighten Your Skin After Pregnancy

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