How to Tighten your Skin without Surgery

About 3 years ago, I was 4 month post partum with Annaleigh (my second baby) and I was doing everything I could to get back in shape and feel confident again.

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I was eating healthy, I was exercising – but pregnancy had stretched out my skin and left me with a few stretch marks too. I was not feeling like myself… I didn’t want to dress up… I was just feeling stuck. 

I had a friend who was also a mom share with me what she was using and that it was working!! I decided that I wanted to try it for myself.


She came over to let me try this thing out. She took a before picture of my stomach and put this breathable cloth that was covered in a botanically based cream on my skin.


This was nothing like those other body wraps I had seen at a spa before where you had to sweat and get undressed. This was totally different – I didn’t have to sweat at all! I just sat on my couch, drank some water and waited 45 minutes.


I LOVED the way the wrap smelled – it just like I was in a spa (but thankfully I was in my own home).

My skin was tingly and cool – I could feel it working! I just loved that this was nourishing my skin with herbs and botanicals.


After 45 minutes it was time to take off the wrap. I was already excited about what I saw!

My stretch marks were lighter and my skin felt tighter too. She told me that full results were after 72 hours, so just stay hydrated and take another picture in 3 days.



Watch How you can tighten and tone your skin at home:



Results typically lasts 2-6 months depending on your lifestyle – so I knew that if I kept eating healthy, my results would last a long time, and they did!


I was so excited to see definition on my stomach again! I could see all that work I was doing by staying active had paid off – and I was seeing my efforts! The wrap was able to enhance my healthy lifestyle. What this meant for me was that I was more motivated to stay on track – because I was seeing results quicker than before.


After I wrapped my stomach… I wanted to see what these would do for my legs. I still couldn’t wear about half of my pants from before pregnancy, so I was up for this test! I wrapped my legs, and in 24 hours I was back in all my smallest pants – this was crazy… I was excited and I just had to tell my sister lol. Those results lasted for months too!!


I was so pumped about my results and I found my confidence again. I was excited to get dressed up in my favorite clothes.


What I found was that, eating healthy and exercising were necessary, but they weren’t able to tighten my skin – and that’s exactly what I needed.


These wraps aren’t just for women. My dad had lost 50 pounds making healthier food choices, but he was left with a lot of extra skin. He slept in a wrap, and after 12 hours his results were jaw dropping! I couldn’t believe what I had my hands on – I wanted everyone to feel as great as I did. I just kept sharing about these results and it really did change our lives! (Read More of our Story Here)



Are you ready for your own results?


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