How to Think like a Success

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The more I am in business with entrepreneurs and successful people, the more I realize that success is more about what you think.

It’s not who you are that holds you back, It’s who you think you are not.

If you want to be successful in anything, you have to start believing that YOU CAN be successful!! You have to think like a successful person. That doesn’t mean that you won’t fail… quite frankly it means you will fail more than others. I have learned that every failure brings us closer to our next success. 

You have to take the lid off yourself and dream bigger than ever before.

With our team, we encourage everyone to create dream boards. This simple activity allows you to focus on what you want to work for… if you had no limits (time, money, vacation days) what would you want your day to look like?


When I first started my home based business, there were things on my dream board that got me excited to work towards each day. Not so much, who I wanted to become – but things I wanted to accomplish with my business. There was a $10,000 bonus I was working on so that I could give back to my church. I really wanted to take our family to Disney paid for by my business, and I REALLY wanted a new van (I never thought I would ever drive a van! lol)


I woke up everyday and got to WORK, because those goals were so clear to me and important. I reached outside my comfort zone, I tried new things (I failed at some, Haha).


I think that after two years, my goals are more about who I want to become – what kind of a leader do I want to be for my team, what kind of a wife and mom do I want to be in my home. My goals and dreams have certainly changed – but the process is still the same and I have learned that you have to DREAM BIG because that’s the only way you are going to accomplish anything.


Watch my video to hear some insights on how you can test yourself to see if you are dreaming big enough:



What are some things on your dream board?


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