Transformation Tuesday: How Julie Lost 30 Pounds

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One of the BEST things about having a health and wellness business is the AMAZING stories we get to hear from our customers and team members. A passion of mine has always been helping people feel their best. When I first met Julie and heard some of her story, I just knew that I had to share it with you. I know it will be just as inspiring for you as it was for me.



From Julie:
In 2013 I had a disc rupture in my lower back that sent me into emergency spinal surgery. I was off work for several weeks, then finally recovered and it happened again just 2 weeks after being back to work. In total I have had 3 surgeries and multiple injections and prescriptions spanning 2 years. I’ve been on pain medication and steroids for inflammation and had many sleepless nights. I also gained so much weight because of lack of mobility and the pain was a daily struggle.


I worked in the surgical department at a nearby hospital and my personal surgeon told me I wouldn’t get better until I was off my feet. That my job was only making the problem worse and I wouldn’t heal standing on my feet for hours on end, lifting patients and heavy equipment day after day. I loved my job and I loved helping people but the pain was unbearable most days. All of the pain and frustration led me to a really dark place in my life I was irritable and no fun to be around. I was a horrible wife and did not have my best days as a mother either. Even sitting on the floor playing legos was unthinkable. I shut out people I cared about and threw a giant pitty-party for myself.


The weight gain frankly just made me sad.


Every picture of myself was cropped from the waist down because I couldn’t stand to see just how big I had gotten. Some people say it wasn’t noticeable (I think they are just being polite). For me, I had always been a small framed girl, so this was really hard to swallow.


In 2015, I decided I couldn’t continue this cycle of being over-weight and tired and weak. I couldn’t work out because I was tired and I was over-weight because I didn’t work out and I was weak and not helping the pain because I was over-weight. I decided I had to do something.


So for an entire year I was like a yo-yo.


I’d lose the weight and put it back on and I would eat right for a while and then I would cave…. so began another vicious cycle.


At the end of this year I became very ill and had to have another surgery. This sent me back to the pain meds and the weight gain. And I was sad again for months I just figured.. “Well I am 43 years old and the mother of 2 boys, maybe this is just how it is…”


I was Ready for a Change


Early in 2016 (3 Years after the incident), I was done feeling sorry for myself and decided I could have the best body of my life and be pain free if I wanted it bad enough. So I began searching for help! I need supplements and protein shakes and energy. But where do you find all of that? Well, I researched and talked to people representing different companies and they were all outside of my budget. I wanted to do whatever it takes but I had to be smart. And then it happened! I saw a post about It Works on my cousins Facebook page (I had never heard of It Works and didn’t know anything of the wraps but …. there it was a numbered list of “what ails you”. And I responded….


From that day It Works has changed my life! I decided if I was going to do it, I had to really do it and give the whole system a try. My distributor recommended we start with Greens for energy, It’s Vital Core Nutrition for overall health and cravings, and Advanced Formula Fat Fighters to start blocking some of the fat and not add more to what I was already battling. I decided to start on them all, and I was surprised at how affordable it was compared to some of the other products I had considered. Once I started this system of products I never looked back.




I made a Lifestyle Change


I really make an effort to do my part to help the It Works supplements by eating clean and cut out all the “rewards” that were food based. (I didn’t need cupcakes just because the kids were having them.) I didn’t really like coffee but I drank it for the pick me up in the morning, problem was by the time I was done making a cup it had so much sugar and cream in it, it tasted like a candy bar and I was drinking hundreds of calories. I haven’t had a soda of any kind and no coffee or tea in months. I only drink water and I limit my “cheat” meals including carbs and sweets.  Greens has helped me cut out 100% of the caffeine intake that I thought was keeping my energy up. I don’t miss the caffeine and never had that “caffeine headache”. I thought this stuff was gold!
 How to lose weight after injury


Since receiving my first It Works shipment on March 15, 2016 I have lost 30 pounds – ALL the weight! I have ankles again! I only have 5 more pounds and I will be back at my pre-baby weight (and he’s 8)! But the best part of all of this is I am pain free! I have prescriptions expiring with unused portions remaining. I haven’t needed pain pills or heating pads. I don’t wake up wincing in pain when I stand, I don’t walk hunched over because I can’t stand up straight. I am completely pain free!


And I can tell you, I have been telling everyone I know about these products because I am so excited about what they have done for me. I just had to tell as many people as I could about It Works and surround myself with people who were equally as excited about the products. Oh, and I finally found out what the wraps were all about… Mind blown! It Works has everything, literally something for everyone.


I left the hospital reluctantly about a year ago, for my own well-being. Since then I have been missing those opportunities to help people in whatever capacity I could. But now with It Works and having a product I can stand behind and I am helping people again! That really feels good to bring something I feel so good about to other people that I know and love and to see their positive results is very uplifting.

How to lose weight naturally

I feel great! I look great! I am happy again! Just the other day I played basketball with my kids! I’ve kept the weight off for 6 months and I’m still going!


I wish I could put into better words what this company and these products have done for me. It Works has literally changed my life!


– Julie


I’m so thankful that Julie shared her story with us. I know that you can probably relate to her story too. I know I have been there where I felt stuck and something had to change. I love reading stories of people who have changed their life by making simple changes.


Hoping this Transformation Tuesdays inspires you!



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