How to Have a Stress Free Holiday

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… or is it???


As reported in a recent survey by Think Finance, Forty-five percent of Americans would prefer to skip Christmas… so what does that say about the Happiest Time of the Year? Have you ever wanted to skip Christmas??



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Most people I talk to start dealing with stress around the holidays even if they aren’t normally stressed – According to a survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, Here are the Top 11 Things people Stress about During the Holidays:

68%: Crowds and long lines
37%: Gaining weight
37%: Getting into debt
28%: Gift shopping
25%: Traveling
24%: Seeing certain relatives
23%: Seasonal music
19%: Disappointing gifts
16%: Having to attend holiday parties or events
15%: Having to be nice
12%: Holiday tipping


Maybe it is from extra traveling, more bills to pay, and being around family who you only see once a year… Maybe it is dealing with shorter days and being inside more with the colder weather. Whatever the cause of all your stress… We need to find a way to deal with it since we can’t Skip Christmas like in that John Grisham novel.


Here are some tips to avoid the top Stressers this Season:

Online Shopping

I personally do not like shopping. I don’t like crowds (and I’m more of an introvert). Being in a crowded store always causes me stress! Plus I don’t like having to make decisions and stand in long lines. I do almost all my shopping on Amazon. We are Amazon Prime members so we get free 2 days shipping. Plus, your family could set up “Wish Lists” to help with buying presents for other kids you don’t know too well. This can help with disappointing gifts too, which always causes me stress!

Most of your favorite stores have websites and even offer special coupons for shopping online. It is the perfect answer! Anytime I can stay in my PJ’s and get work done is a win-win!

I know that over the years our family has grown – and as a family we all decided that we didn’t need to buy gifts for everyone. This also helped a lot with the stress of finding everyone that perfect gift.

Maybe your family can draw names, or have fun with a white elephant Christmas! I know even within our little family of four, we try to keep the Christmas gifts small. Make Christmas more about family and traditions than gifts. Being together is the best gift you can share as a family.


Plan for me time

Because I’m an introvert, I do get stressed out with all the parties and events… and I know what works best for me is planning some down time. Make sure that you plan some time for you so you CAN enjoy this season.

Maybe you need to read a good book by the fire with a hot cup of tea or cocoa once a week. Maybe you need to plan a night to watch your favorite movie alone. Really think about your personality and how you can take care of you and enjoy this season even when your calendar is full of places and people to see.


If you aren’t an introvert and you get stressed out by being along too much in the holiday season, plan for a girl’s night out, a baking day or a movie night in with friends. Whatever helps you enjoy this season, make sure you plan time for you. 


Gaining Weight

We talk with many people who want to lose weight or just not gain any weight during the holiday. Adam and I started a challenge in September to lose some weight, because we know that with the holidays coming it will be harder and harder to stay on track. What we found was that with a great system and plan you can lose weight (even around the holidays)!

We know that splurges are going to happen, but if you follow an 80/20 rule in general, you won’t need to worry about gaining weight. Plus, we even have some natural ways to block some of the extra carbs and fats in your favorite cheat meals. You can read more of our top picks here to keep you from gaining weight this season.

During the holidays, there are special foods that you only fix or eat once a year (and I totally get that!) Just don’t make a habit to splurge every day – always include healthy meals into your plan. Eat an apple before you go to the party or eat a big salad with Thanksgiving dinner.

Add exercise into your family’s holiday traditions too! After Thanksgiving, go on a long walk together or play a game of ball outside. Staying active will help you to keep your stress down in general plus help you not gain weight.


Put your health first

When you are taking time for yourself, also make sure you put your health as a priority too. It isn’t just about not gaining weight, stress is hard on your health. When you are stressed, you are more likely to get sick. I know I don’t feel stressed very often, but when I do I have trouble concentrating and focusing on what I need to get done – which makes my “To-Do” list worse and adds even MORE stress.


What if you could take something that could help you manage your stress naturally? 

I have found a supplement that has helped me and hundreds of others relieve stress with adaptogens, plus it is easy to take with just two tablets. It improves your focus, helps fight fatigue, and helps your body cope with all the stress life throws at you. This naturally based supplement increases your energy levels, and it’s special blend of herbs provides a safe way to enhance your body’s ability to cope with all forms of stress: physical, emotional, and environmental.

One of my really good friends would have high anxiety and panic attacks often, and she is able to calm down naturally in 15-20 minutes with Confianza!



What are your tips to have a Stress Free Holiday?



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P.S.S. If debt and money is a big stress for you, you aren’t alone. I hear it from so many people who just would love to be able to pay for Christmas in cash so they don’t have to start the New Year with more Debt… If you would like to know how we run our business debt free and can make extra money from home, Read More Here. 

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