Why your skin needs Toner

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6 Reasons Why Your Skin Needs Toner
6 Reasons Why Your Skin Needs Toner

I’m all about using products that have multiple uses ???

I’m a busy mom, so if one product can help me in multiple ways, I’m all for it!


When I turned 30, I just started feeling… OLD (Maybe you can relate, or maybe you are reading this and laughing at me, haha)


I really hadn’t spent much time caring about my skin… and then all of the sudden I woke up with wrinkles… So, this is 30.


All those late nights up with the kids was finally catching up with me, and what could I do???


Luckily I knew exactly where I would start!


I starting using a skincare routine that used botanicals and herbs to nourish my skin (instead of drying it out) and that’s when I found this:

This one is one of my favorite skincare products (and you’ll quickly see why from all the things it is great for!) ?


This ONE product:

?Restores skin to it’s natural pH
?Reduces redness
?Tightens and lessens the appearance of pores
?Hydrates ? and nourishes skin
?Keeps skin toned and clean.
?Is alcohol free and is also great for minor skin irritations, sunburn relief and bug bites. ??


Can you guess what it is?

Do I need to use toner


When asked what his favorite skincare product was for healthy skin, Dr. Luis Mijares replied with Toner. For people who are prone to acne, a soothing toner is a great choice for removing oil and traces of dirt and grime.

Knowing all the things that Toner is used for, it is pretty shocking that most people don’t currently use a toner in their daily routine.


Toner Uses

Reduces Pores

Balances pH of Skin

Moisturizes Skin

Refreshes Skin


How to Use a Toner

After you cleanse your face (this is my favorite cleanser that is also soap free and non-drying), spray Toner as an even mist all over your face and neck with your eyes closed.

Why your skin needs a toner


Product Review

My sister (who I deeply love so she wouldn’t get mad if I shared her age) just turned 39 shared with me that she also didn’t really use a skincare routine until the past 1-2 years. She told me that her skin hasn’t looked this good in YEARS! and she is constantly being told how much younger she looks. She’s going most days without makeup, because she just loves the way her skin looks!  She’s a mom of 4 and that’s the best compliment you can get!

Working with Family

My sister only uses three products to get her results:





This is My daily Routine for keeping my skin looking younger and feeling great:



best skincare routine for acne



You can’t get any easier than that!




Do you use a Toner?

P.S. If you are like I was and just ready to try something to help your skin look younger and be healthier too, I always recommend starting as a three month Product Tester. This will give you incredible results and you will save 40% off each of your orders! Each month you can try a different product of your choice, it will be the best thing you buy for yourself!

Click Here to start with Toner today : )




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