Tips To Keep You Healthy Through The Holidays!

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The holidays are a time where it may take a little more planning to stay healthy.

Temptation is around every corner, and it isn’t easy to stay on your diet or even avoid the average 7 pound weight gain – Yikes!!


I want to take this time to share with you an easy tip to help you stay healthy even when it isn’t the easiest and

I would love hearing your ideas on staying healthy through the holidays!


Here’s a little tip that we’ve been implementing in the Parker House:



It’s so important to stay active through the holidays!

Yes, it will probably be a little chilly outside, but use this special season to do fun things together. We really enjoyed taking the girls ice skating, and hiking on a trail – just bundle up!

After a big meal like Thanksgiving, take the whole family out on a long walk and just enjoy being together this year : )


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