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How to Increase Your Engagement with Live Videos
How to Increase Your Engagement with Live Videos

If you guys don’t know, my husband and I both work from home with our Health and Wellness Home based business. Through our business, we have been able to grow and develop like never before. One aspect of what we do is training our team and business partners  in how they can start working from home generating an income and help others reach their health and wellness goals.


I know that I’m so thankful for social media! As an introvert, I never EVER thought I would be able to be successful in a home based business because I thought I would have to do tons of parties and have to talk in front of a lot of people (which scared me to death!)


In the past (almost) three years, we have loved helping others win on social media and make money wherever they are! (At home, in the car, at the playground).


This is one simple tip that I shared with our business partners of how to increase their reach with Facebook Live:



One thing I love about Facebook Live is that Facebook will show it to more people that any other post you can do! This is pretty amazing since Facebook usually only shows your posts to only 14% of your followers.


It is FREE! You don’t need any special equipment – just your phone! I know my phone just updated last night and added a video tab on the Facebook app showing how much value they are putting behind video.


Great Facebook LIVE videos to make:

  • How to XXX (Recipes, DIY)
  • Product Reviews
  • Demonstrations
  • Personal stories of success, overcoming trials
  • Tips


I hope this one tip about using Facebook Live can help you impact more people around you : ) If you found this helpful, please share with someone who is building their dreams too.


P.S. If you have always dreamed about working from home, but didn’t know where to start. Click Here to watch my free webinar with more info about what we do : )

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