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Can I be honest…


Okay, thanks.


I used to avoid buying from home based businesses (many of which were MLM’s as I would call them). I didn’t understand them… and what I was exposed to was lots and lots of really bad marketing that did more to turn me off than to get me interested.


This is so bad… but I remember there was a product I was interested in… and I searched for a way to order it so I wouldn’t have to order it through an MLM company. I also have to add that I’m a huge introvert and honestly try to avoid going to any party lol


Guys, I was WRONG. So wrong.


I never in a million YEARS thought I would ever support home based business or be a part of one. NEVER.


I have a master’s degree.

I went to school for 6 years so I wouldn’t ever have to look for ways to make some extra money from home.


But things change…

Everything changed when I became a mom.


To be completely honest… my passions changed too.

I had a very strong passion to help other moms live a healthy life – be full of energy – love their body… this was what I wanted to give to the world!


I started blogging just as a hobby. It was fun and I was able to help people too.

This allowed me to meet some pretty amazing women who had passions similar to me… they were working hard to make a difference.


One of them was making full time income and had just retired her husband – but it wasn’t through her blog… it was through her home based business (direct sales – MLM).  Wow… I thought – That’s pretty unique. (whispering – but isn’t that just a scam?)


Around this same time, my church started a giving initiative so they could build a new building (and finally stop meeting in a local high school!)… I became so convicted that there was something I could do – I HAD to do something to earn some extra money.

But now I was a mom of two (I was still nursing full time) and I wasn’t going to send my kids to daycare for me to just break even.


What could I do from home? 


I searched (I really did!). I did an interview for doing online speech therapy and they said I needed more experience with online therapy (umm okay?) I tried to make homemade crafts and quickly realized that was not my skill set.


I wanted to help people… I wanted to make a difference… and make some money while I did it. There was one person I knew who was doing that.


There have only been a handful of times where I felt like I was being spoke to by God (I know I hate to play “the God card” but I’m telling you it was so real). I was standing in a praise and worship service preparing us for giving to build our new building at church… and every ounce of my body was saying “You are supposed to start this business… You are made for more…”


I was so scared.

But I called my friend anyway… and the rest is history.


But I have to tell you, this whole process has completely changed my mind about home based businesses.


Did I have a skeptical husband… yes. Thankfully he was able to research everything and make sure that this wasn’t a scam at all – it was actually a legit way to make some extra money.


I have changed


Since being a part of a home based business, I have been able to become a part of a family.

We are connected to each other with one mission. We are all passionate men & women with a purpose to change lives.


Since starting my own business, I have grown so much personally than any other point in my life. I’ve been able to develop into a leader and business owner. I have been able to directly help so many families that I wouldn’t have been able to impact before. One great thing that I love is that I am encouraged to invest in myself… to become better each day, so that I can impact more people.


One thing I didn’t realize was that Adam and I had stopped dreaming… we were kind of stuck and didn’t even realize it. With our business, Adam and I are able to dream bigger than ever before… we can work hard and see those goals being marked off our dream board.


Never did I ever think Adam and I could both work full time at home together… He was a chemical engineer and in just one year, I was making as much as he was from home – I would have NEVER been able to make that much as a speech therapist. This is the real goldmine of residual income… it has no limits! This wasn’t even on the radar when I started… but it has been such a blessing!



Just think about it….

When you choose to shop from a direct sales distributor, you are supporting a family! – not just a CEO of a huge corporation.

You are helping a single mom put food on her table.

You are helping a regular family make a better life for themselves.


Are there people who are doing it wrong and probably giving us a bad name? – sadly yes.

Should you be bugging your friends to buy your stuff or join your team? – please don’t.

Should you be adding value and helping people solve problems? – Yes!


Are you going to know how to avoid all the wrong ways to build a business when you get started… probably not – but thankfully there are very few skills you will need to learn and the number one is just be a friend 🙂 If you treat others how you would want to be treated… you will always win.


So if you were like me and have had a negative view of network marketing or direct sales, have an open mind… you may be like me and have a need in the future to work from home and support your family in a non-traditional sense… and this may be the perfect opportunity.



P.S. If you have ever thought about working from home… and you didn’t know where to start. Click Here to watch a short webinar of how we help 100’s of people start earning an income from home.

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