How Failing is the Key to your Success

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Do you like it when you fail at something?

So many people (including me!) don’t do things that they would really like to do because they are afraid of failing…

I’ll admit it… I LOVE winning – I don’t like failing.

That’s human nature!


But to be successful at anything, you really must be willing to fail (and fall) forward and learn from the experience.

The key to success is actually failing… and doing it over and over.


My daughter very wisely explained this to me after ice skating this weekend, she says it better than I could have!



Are you holding yourself back?

I have learned that sometimes we hold ourselves back from reaching our full potential. We don’t take a chance. We want to stay in the safe zone, avoid risks…

“There can be no great accomplishment without risk”

–  Neil Armstrong

If you learn about any successful person, they all have a story of failing at some point.

They didn’t get the job. They didn’t get the part in the movie. They were fired. They lost the game.

But then they learned, and kept trying. 


You were made for more

Each of us is here for a purpose. But many of us aren’t living up to our fullest potential…. because we are scared to fail.

I’ll be honest… if you are trying to be successful and live your dream, you are going to fail – at some point… it will happen.

But in that time period… You are not a failure. Just us that to learn the lesson you need to be successful and shine : )


Here is to your next fall ; )


Have you fallen recently? What did you learn?



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